Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are competing on the same field for the first time in just over four years. The two surefire Hall of Famers will be competing in a charity golf match with the retiree teaming up with Tiger Woods, and the new Buccaneers quarterback pairing up with Phil Mickelson.

Despite this match being for a good cause, there already has been some trash-talking from the participants, namely the two football players. Brady fired first on Twitter, citing Manning's all-time record against him. However, in a video live stream featuring the four golfers, Manning fired back with guns blazing.

You have to hand it to Manning, it does take some humility as a professional athlete to admit a longtime rival is better than you. That being said, the former Broncos and Colts quarterback made sure to get a fair amount of licks in to offset that side of him including shots at Brady for entering the wrong home in Tampa Bay, and angering Boston fans by leaving for the Buccaneers.

"The Match: Champions for Charity," will take place on Sunday, May 24 and the competitors will tee off around 3 pm. The competition also includes a $10 million donation to COVID-19 relief efforts.