There's already a great deal of excitement regarding the Arizona Coyotes moving to Salt Lake City. Just days after the move was made official by an NHL Board of Governors vote, new team owner Ryan Smith revealed there have already been more than 20,000 season ticket deposits, which consist of $100 apiece.

Smith, who also owns the Utah Jazz, also announced that priority access was awarded to Jazz season ticket holders who were interested in the new NHL franchise.

The NHL franchise, which currently doesn't have a team name, will play in the Delta Center. The Delta Center can currently house up to 12,000 fans for a hockey game, but Smith is planning renovations that will increase that number to 17,000.

While there isn't currently a name for the new NHL franchise, the full team name will start with Utah instead of Salt Lake City, which coincides with the Jazz. The franchise also hired advertising agency Doubleday & Cartwright to help come up with a new team name and logo.

Last week, trademark applications were filed for the Utah Blizzard, Utah Fury, Utah HC, Utah Venom and Utah Hockey Club. Filings are anonymous, but it's possible that the applications were submitted by the team.