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The Kansas City Chiefs are in the midst of an 8-5 start the 2023 season, good for first place in the AFC West. However, you wouldn't know it based on how distraught reigning NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes was on the sidelines in the waning seconds of the Chiefs' 20-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Mahomes was letting the referees hear it after an offsides call on Kadarius Toney negated what would've been a wild touchdown.

Here's a look at the play that was ultimately didn't count, which included a lateral pass from Travis Kelce to Toney.

Mahomes spoke after the game, making it clear it isn't about whether it was offsides or not -- he recognizes Toney was close to the line and "barely" over -- but rather that the typical protocol when it comes to offensive offsides. 

"It's just the call, man, in that moment," Mahomes said. "It's not even just for me, I know how much everybody puts into this game, and for it to come to a flag changing the outcome of the game. And in that moment ... I've played seven years, never had offensive offsides called. That's elementary school, you point to the ref, it doesn't get called. They warn you. And there was no warning throughout the game. Then you wait until the end of the game to make a call like that? It's tough."

 "Who knows if we win, but I know as fans you want to see guys on the field decide the game," Mahomes said. "Last week I didn't say anything about the flag that didn't get thrown on the Marquez (Valdes-Scantling play in a loss to the Packers). I mean they're human, they make mistakes, but it's every week we're talking about something.

"All I can do is go out there and give everything I have and that's what I did ... just another great game that ended like that, it's just tough to swallow."

Chiefs coach Andy Reid also was not pleased that officials did not warn him that Toney was lined up offsides the way they have in the past. About the call, the normally mild-mannered Reid said, "It's a bit embarrassing for the National Football League for that to take place."

Following the game, referee Carl Cheffers said in a pool report: "(C)ertainly, no warning is required, especially if they are lined up so far offsides where they're actually blocking our view of the ball."

When Mahomes met with Josh Allen after the game, a mic caught what he said, and he was still complaining about the call to the Bills quarterback. "Wildest f---ing call I've ever seen," Mahomes was heard saying. "Offensive offsides on that play, man. F---ing terrible."

The Chiefs are now in on their first losing streak since Weeks 2-3 of the 2021 season after losing on Sunday and surrendering a season-high 27 points in Week 13's 27-19 road loss at the Green Bay Packers on "Sunday Night Football." All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce hasn't had reached 100 yards receiving in any of his last six games, and his wide receivers have made some mind-numbing mistakes to help create some of Mahomes' frustration. 

Mahomes and the Chiefs have the opportunity to unleash their frustrations at the 3-10 New England Patriots in Week 15.