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Grady Jarrett and Chris Jones were the trending conversation in the NFL after both defensive tackles were penalized 15 yards for controversial roughing the passer penalties in Week 5. While Jarrett and Jones were each penalized 15 yards, their wallets did not get lighter a week later.

None of the eight players who received roughing the passer calls were fined by the NFL (per NFL Network), an olive branch of sorts for the controversial roughing the passer penalties that were bestowed upon them. Roughing the passer penalties are actually down through five weeks compared to all of last year, as the league average through five weeks is 4.8 compared to 8.3 in 2021. There were 149 roughing the passer calls last year (the most in a season dating back to 2000). 

A third of the total roughing the passer calls were called last week (16 the previous four weeks compared to eight last week). 

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who was visibly upset about the Jones call Monday night, addressed the NFL finding a balance between protecting the quarterbacks and letting defensive players tackle people without getting fined. 

"Yeah listen, I'm in the league, I'm on a couple of committees there, so I understand protecting the quarterback -- that's important. It is important. There's a fine line, we just got to sort that out," Reid said. "But these guys -- I mean they worked their butt(s) off to do a good job for us out here. And the league spends time doing it and looking at it. Sometimes there's a point where you got to let guys play and we just got to find where that happy medium is."

There were a few fines handed down Saturday, and one was to Green Bay Packers guard Jon Runyan. The son of longtime Philadelphia Eagles and Tennessee Titans right tackle Jon Runyan, the younger Runyan was fined $5,215 for unnecessary roughness in Week 5. No flag was thrown, but the elder Runyan handles on-field discipline for the league -- so he handed out the letter to his son informing him of the fine. 

Carolina Panthers cornerback Jaycee Horn was fined $10,609 for unsportsmanlike conduct and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Myles Jack was fined $10,609 for for unnecessary roughness.