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NFL salaries can be a complex system involving guaranteed money, restructuring and incentives. Players can earn extra money based on their playtime and performance, which ends up benefiting many players and their bank accounts. If a player ends up with a season-ending injury, sees fewer snaps than intended or the wheels start to fall off, they will not earn as much -- or nearly anything -- from the NFL's performance-based pay system.

The starting quarterback who played the fewest snaps this past season is feeling the results of his year ending just four snaps into Week 1. That would be New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who earned the lowest amount among all NFL players through the performance-based pay system, per ESPN.

Rodgers' grand total came out to … drum roll, please … $81.14. Not sure he will even notice the money hit his direct deposit.

For someone worth millions, that is probably like loose change to him and it certainly can't buy you much in New York. It can get you about four hot dogs and a drink at MetLife Stadium. Rodgers' small check is due to him playing just 0.33% of the snaps before he tore his Achilles, which ended his season.

To put it in perspective, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy nearly doubled his pay thanks to incentives, taking home an extra $739,765. Former Baltimore Ravens guard John Simpson, who signed with the Jets this offseason, finished first in the program, with an extra $974,613 for playing 99% of offensive snaps in 2023.

The performance-based pay system is in place to reward all NFL players based on both their play time and base salary. A player can earn more if he plays a significant amount of snaps, especially with a low base salary.  

Ahead of the 2023 season, Rodgers signed a two-year deal with $75 million guaranteed through 2024. He had $110 million guaranteed on his old contract with the Green Bay Packers, taking a pay cut of $35 million to call East Rutherford, New Jersey his home. 

Rodgers is planning to return next season and is likely hoping that his run lasts more than a few minutes. If he is able to stay healthy, his additional paycheck will look a lot different in the 2025 offseason.