The New York Jets came into the 2023 season with a new quarterback and high expectations, but the season went opposite of how they hoped. Just four plays into the first offensive drive, Aaron Rodgers went down with a season-ending Achilles injury and the team ended up finishing 7-10.

The Jets did not end the season with the success they were after and head coach Robert Saleh is looking forward to attacking their goals again in 2024. 

"[I'm] excited to attack this season and try to accomplish the things we were supposed to accomplish a year ago," Saleh said (via NFL Network).

The hype around the team is not as present as it was last offseason, after the mediocre play, but that calm is something Saleh appreciates. 

"I think [general manager] Joe [Douglas] has done a really nice job adding some really cool pieces to the football team, but, yeah, quiet," Saleh said. "Last year was a little loud. We welcome a little bit of quietness."

The team added some pieces this offseason, including offensive tackles Tyron Smith and Morgan Moses and guard John Simpson. These veteran additions, paired with the offensive linemen from last season, are a recipe to protect Rodgers next season, Saleh believes.

"All the young guys that were forced to play a year ago were really excited about the direction they're going," Saleh said. "But at the same time, to bring in some veteran presence, to bring in some leadership, to bring in guys who know how to play the game -- who have played the game at a very high level and who really have the capability of achieving and matching the standard which we're trying to create."

He complimented some of the new additions, calling Moses and "old school soul" who "works his tail off" and is "going to pull people with him." Saleh noted that Smith has played at a "high level for a very long time" and that Simpson has battled "to prove he belongs in this league."

"Excited about the mental makeup of the room," Saleh said. 

The offseason additions will likely not be enough if their 40-year-old quarterback is unable to stay healthy. Saleh believes Rodgers will be in good shape for the start of the season and be ready to accomplish what was cut short last year. 

"Aaron, he's on a mission," the head coach said. "He's doing his rehab. He's out in California, I believe. Obviously he's taking some time for himself. He was ready to go last year, man. So I know he's getting ready. We speak to him often. I don't want to speak for him, but I am going to speak for him and say that he's really excited about attacking this season."

Even if Rodgers is able to play a full season, the AFC East is no easy division to conquer. The Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins are two big AFC threats and are expected to remain that way in 2024.