Brock Purdy played very much like Jimmy Garoppolo in Week 13, helping the 49ers beat the Dolphins in San Francisco. It was one heck of a performance from the rookie seventh-rounder. 

And after his most effective effort of the season against the Vikings on Thanksgiving, Mac Jones had a miserable time playing the Bills on Thursday Night Football.

We only had five quarterbacks selected in the past two NFL Draft classes who saw considerable playing time during Week 13 action. 

Let's dive deep into the individual efforts of each quarterback and assign a grade on a per-snap basis, taking every individual aspect of their performance into account. At least 10 attempts are needed to qualify for this piece, which is published each Tuesday during the NFL season.

Mac Jones
JAC • QB • #10
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High-Caliber Throws: 

  • In garbage time, Jones placed a ball into a tight window near the goal line to DeVante Parker but it was between two Bills defenders and it was knocked away. 

Low-Caliber Throws: 

  • In the third, after eluding pressure, Jones threw late on a scramble drill toward Hunter Henry, and his throw was intercepted by Jordan Poyer. Replay review changed the call to an incompletion because the ball moved in the safety's hands once he hit the ground, but it was a low-caliber decision and throw from Jones. 
  • In the fourth, he threw well behind and low on a dig to Tyquan Thornton. The ball fell incomplete. 
  • Later, he overthrew Marcus Jones on a deep ball. 
  • WIth under five minute to go, Jones misfired on an out-breaking route to Rhamondre Stevenson
  • His last throw of the game was an attempt at a throwaway after crazy maneuvering to get outside the pocket, yet he was nearly intercepted by the sideline.

Summary: Jones was completely overwhelmed by a quality Bills defense at home in prime time. The only reason he doesn't get an "F" is because some of the blandness and conversative vibe of the passing attack is on the play callers. It was a dreadful showing from the second-year QB. 

Grade: D
Season Grade: C-

Trevor Lawrence
JAC • QB • #16
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High-Caliber Throws: 

  • Lawrence's first throw of the day was a dime down the field to Christian Kirk.
  • In the second, he ripped a throw to Evan Engram at the intermediate level that was perfectly placed but knocked out of the tight end's hands at the last second. 
  • Late in the second, he zinged a dig route with anticipation for 17 yards.  
  • Lawrence threw with perfect timing and accuracy on an in-breaking route through a layer of coverage in the third.  

Low-Caliber Throws: 

  • In the third, he forced a throw down the right sideline that was far too high for his intended target.
  • He missed Kirk in the end zone on a long, out-breaking throw in the third. 

Summary: This was a bland outing from Lawrence, in a blowout loss. The big-time throws really weren't there throughout, but there's weren't a plethora of misses either. The schemed-up quick-game from Doug Pedersen was very ineffective against the Lions.

Grade: B-
Season Grade: C+

Kenny Pickett
PHI • QB • #8
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High-Caliber Throws/Plays:

  • Early in the game, Pickett looked left then quickly moved his eyes all the way across the field and threw a dart to Pat Freiermuth against air-tight coverage. 
  • On the same drive, he ripped a strike to Steven Sims on a vertical route between the hash and the numbers. 
  • In the second, he squeezed a throw into Freiermuth between two defenders at the intermediate level. 

Low-Caliber Throws/Plays:

  • Midway through the first, he missed high on a comeback to George Pickens.
  • The next throw, he skipped a dig route to Freiermuth.
  • In the third, Pickett underthrew Diontae Johnson in the end zone that led to a pass breakup.

Summary: After a B- performance in Week 12, Pickett had another strong showing again, albeit against a lackluster defense. There were only a small collection of misses and a few examples of next-level quarterbacking from the rookie. 

Grade: B
Season Grade: C

Brock Purdy
SF • QB • #13
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High-Caliber Throws/Plays:

  • In the second, he quickly eluded a free rusher and completed a pass on the move near the sideline. 
  • Late in the second, Purdy made an incredible throw over the middle to George Kittle on a 3rd down right before he was crushed by an outside blitzer. 
  • Before the half, he squeezed a throw into Christian McCaffrey in the end zone between a litany of defenders, but the ball was dropped. 
  • In the third, he ripped a fastball into Samuel against tight coverage. 
  • Early in the fourth, Purdy got to his second read and threw with great velocity and accuracy to Samuel between two defenders. 

Low-Caliber Throws/Plays:

  • In the first quarter, he was late on a deep dig to Deebo Samuel and the ball didn't have much velocity. It was knocked away. 
  • Purdy threw an interception when he forced a vertical route to Brandon Aiyuk who was tightly covered by Xavien Howard. The ball was too far to the inside. 
  • He misfired to an open Samuel over the middle. 
  • Later, he threw behind a slant to Aiyuk.

Summary: . 

Grade: B-
Season Grade: B-

Justin Fields
PIT • QB • #1
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High-Caliber Throws/Plays:

  • Fields' 55-yard touchdown run was a glimmering example of his effortless speed. 
  • Midway through the second quarter, Fields saw an open Equanimeous St. Brown streaking downfield, and he dropped it in the bucket for a 56-yard gain.
  • In the third, Fields looked left, moved into the pocket, but instead of running, he relocated Kmet wide open down the sideline, and found him for a 24-yard gain. 
  • In the fourth, after improvising and spinning out of the pocket, Fields sent a teardrop to N'Keal Harry who made a great catch down the field for 49 yards. 

Low-Caliber Throws/Plays:

  • Early in the first, he sailed a deep over route to an open Cole Kmet.
  • On a second down in the second quarter, Fields rushed a quick throw out to Chase Claypool that was behind the huge receiver.
  • In the fourth, he was late on a deep comeback route that was intercepted by Jaire Alexander
  • Likely an attempt to force it down nine late in the game, Fields' last throw was into traffic near the front corner of the end zone and was intercepted. 

Summary: There were a handful of easy, completions for Fields in this game, but the big plays down the field were what really stood out about his performance against Green Bay. A few errant tosses and the late interceptions. Overall it was a strong, efficient effort from the second-year quarterback.  

Grade: B-
Season Grade: C+