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The Philadelphia Eagles have reached an agreement with Jordan Mailata on a three-year contract extension, the team announced. The extension is for three years and $66 million, giving Mailata an average annual salary of $22 million a year, per CBS Sports lead NFL insider Jonathan Jones. 

Mailata will be the fourth-highest-paid tackle in the NFL in terms of average annual salary, trailing Laremy Tunsil ($25 million), Andrew Thomas ($23.5 million) and Trent Williams ($23.01 million). The Eagles will save $400,000 in salary cap space with the move.

Mailata will receive $48 million guaranteed (third highest in NFL) and a $20 million signing bonus. With the three-year extension, Mailata will be under contract with the Eagles until 2028. 

Here's what the Mailata signing means for the Eagles going forward:

Left side of the offensive line together for long time

With the signing of Mailata for three more years, the Eagles have Mailata and left guard Landon Dickerson under contract until the 2028 season. The Eagles signed Dickerson to a four-year, $84 million contract extension just prior to the start of the legal tampering period, setting the stage for the crazy guard market that ensued. 

Philadelphia has the highest-paid left guard in the game with Dickerson ($21 million) and the fourth-highest-paid left tackle in Mailata ($22 million). Dickerson is just 25 years old and already has two Pro Bowl appearances on his resume while Mailata just turned 27 and is one of top-10 tackles in football. 

The Eagles have both Dickerson and Mailata together for five more seasons, having Mailata until he's 32 and Dickerson until he's 30. That's excellent protection for Jalen Hurts, who is under contract until the 2028 season. 

Lane Johnson's contract

Johnson will be alongside Mailata and Dickerson for at least the next three seasons, as his contract goes until the 2026 season. Johnson's contract is worth $80.75 million, an average of $26.91 million per season.

The Eagles will pay Johnson, Mailata and Dickerson a total of $69.91 million per season for the next three years, although the salary cap and contracts are stretched out through void years. Dickerson has them through 2030 and Dickerson through 2032. Certainly Mailata will have void years on his deal as well. 

The Eagles have three elite linemen under contract for the next three seasons. That's a very good thing for Hurts, A.J. Brown, Saquon Barkley, Dallas Goedert and DeVonta Smith going forward. 

Mailata part of the Eagles' core

The Eagles have given Mailata, Dickerson, Barkley, Bryce Huff and C.J. Gardner-Johnson multiyear contracts this offseason for a total of $265.75 million. All of these players are 27 or under, with Mailata and Barkley being the oldest at 27. Gardner-Johnson is 26, while Dickerson and Huff are both 25. 

Hurts and Smith are also 25, while Brown is 26. This is the core the Eagles have to make Super Bowl runs for the next several seasons. Philadelphia has all these players signed but Smith, who has a fifth-year option coming for 2025.

Smith is the last of this core who needs an extension done. Based on the Eagles history, they'll get an extension done with Smith in the coming months.