Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys
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The Green Bay Packers were 24-5 against the Chicago Bears in games Aaron Rodgers started at quarterback. In short, there wasn't much of a rivalry over the last 15 years between two of the NFL's oldest franchises.

Justin Jones was only with the Bears for two of those games, both losses last year. Now that Rodgers is with the New York Jets, there's an opportunity for a reshuffling of power in the NFC North. The Bears defensive tackle smells blood in the water, not holding back on the Packers not having Rodgers anymore.

"I wish he played one more year, honestly," Jones said to reporters Tuesday. "Last year we went up there (to Green Bay) and (the game) got away from us. And they won, but their fans are really shitty. I wanted to go back up there, I wanted to play them, and I wanted to beat them. 

"I wanted him to be there so he could see it." 

Rodgers completed 67.3% of passes against the Bears in his 29 starts, with 64 touchdowns to just 10 interceptions (109.0 passer rating). The Bears haven't beaten the Packers since 2018, a drought Jones would prefer to end. 

Of course, Jones doubled down on his comments. He took a few more shots at Packers fans, claiming they "didn't know football." 

"Just the way (Packers fans) are obnoxious, just yelling about things that don't even matter," Jones said. "We're not even running the play and you guys are talking about 'boo oh yea go Packers.' Like the game hasn't even started yet. What we talking about here. 

"Half of them don't even know football. It's so weird to me." 

The Bears play the Packers in Lambeau Field in Week 18 (January 7, 2024). Jones will certainly be hearing the boos from the Green Bay faithful. 

"I'm just ready to go out there and play. I'm ready to beat the hell out of them (the Packers) on their field. I wanna hear the boos then," Jones said. "I'm ready to take (the division) over. It's a good time to be a Bears fan."