Photobomb victim Pete Carroll. (Twitter)

The NFL owners meetings are ongoing out in Arizona, and as part of that process, each conference's coaches have a breakfast with the media. On Wednesday it was the NFC coaches, and a bunch of them had some interesting stuff to say. Here's a round-up of some choice notes, quotes and anecdotes.

Chip Kelly's team-building talk

The point about trading up is interesting because the Eagles under Howie Roseman have traded up in the draft for a whole bunch of players. From 2008 through 2013 alone, the Eagles moved up for Matt Barkley, Fletcher Cox, Marvin McNutt, Brandon Washington, Bryce Brown, Brian Rolle, Brandon Graham, Trevard Lindley, Charles Scott, Jamar Chaney, Jeremy Maclin, Cornelius Ingram and Fenuki Tepuo. Granted, they have also done their fair share of trading down, and trading veterans for extra picks, but a staunch anti-trade up stance would be a change.

Lovie Smith talks Jameis

Well, then. Jameis has been atop mock drafts for weeks -- he's slotted to Tampa at first overall in all three up on our site -- but this is the first firm, public information from the Bucs that they're leaning that way, though Smith does leave the door open for Marcus Mariota a bit.

Tom Coughlin's comedy hour

I love the description of his newest defensive player as "a big human." That's great. And I doubt Coughlin is the only one who doesn't trust to iPhone GPS lady. She's unreliable.

Jason Garrett says things about Greg Hardy

That all lines up with the way the Cowboys structured Hardy's deal. The majority of the money he's due is tied in in per-game roster bonuses, where Hardy's compensation goes up and down depending how many games he spends on the active roster. That protects Dallas in case of a suspension, or if they cut him for performane and/or personal conduct reasons.

Sean Payton discusses Drew Brees

Basically reiterating what he said on Tuesday, while also allowing that their financially-motivated Jimmy Graham trade had other benefits as well.

Mike Zimmer has thoughts on players

The Peterson questions don't seem like they'll be going away until AP either suits up for a game or gets traded or released. Wallace should definitely help Teddy Bridgewater's vertical passing game, and a Zimmer reunion with Terence Newman could be on the horizon -- the two worked together in both Cincinnati and Dallas. That's some pretty decent shade-throwing at Cordarrelle Patterson, too.

Let's check in with Bruce Arians

He should have opened with, "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

Ron Rivera's run-ins and running backs

The Panthers have been trying to use that two-back system for a few years now, but guys (Stewart, in particular) kept getting hurt. We'll see if they can get that going to take some of the pressure off Cam Newton to create offense.

Pete Carroll is over it

Nice work, Clayton. That's dedication.

Injured players are doing great!

I expect to hear about many more players who are "ahead of schedule" in their rehab progress.

More random notes and quotes

Head coach has talked to players about team-related issue. Head coach thinks new player is a good player. Head coach wants to accentuate quarterback's strengths. Head coach plans to use linebacker to play defense. Head coach says second-year player is working hard.