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Aaron Rodgers has been in the news a lot for a player who has taken just four snaps this season. Rodgers' injury, and his subsequent recovery, has been one of the NFL's main storylines all season. 

Rodgers will make history should he return to this field this season. He would become the first player to suffer an Achilles tear and return to play that season. That became more of a possibility this week when the Jets opened his 21-day window to be activated off of injured reserve. 

With Rodgers back at practice, let's revisit how he and the Jets got to this point.


  • Sept. 11: Rodgers remains on the ground after being sacked by Leonard Floyd during New York's fourth offensive snap of the season. Rodgers was carted off the field and replaced by Zach Wilson, who helped the Jets defeat the Bills in overtime. 
  • Sept. 12: The Jets put Rodgers on injured reserve. Rodgers' injury is diagnosed as an Achilles tendon rupture. 
  • Sept. 13: Rodgers announced via Instagram that he underwent a successful surgery while vowing to "rise yet again." 
  • Sept. 15: For the first time, Rodgers publicly alludes to possibly returning to play this season. "I think as Kevin Garnett said, 'Anything is possible,'" Rodgers said on "The Pat McAfee Show."


  • Oct. 1: NFL Media reports that Rodgers is rehabbing more than five hours a day with the goal of returning to play this season. 
  • Oct. 15: Rodgers shows how far he's come in his recovery -- while fueling comeback rumblings in the process -- by walking without crutches and throwing passes ahead of New York's Week 6 win over the Eagles
  • Oct. 17: Jets head coach Robert Saleh doesn't rule out a Rodgers return to the field in 2023. "I think he's fueled by doubt -- I don't think, I know -- he's fueled by doubt," Saleh said. "The more you doubt him, the more fuel he has. He's on a mission." 
  • Oct. 17: Rodgers confirms that he is ahead of schedule in his recovery but stresses that hurdles still remain. "It's not just going to be boom, boom, boom, boom, boom," Rodgers said on "The Pat McAfee Show." "There are critical markers that I have to hit as far as single-leg strength and being able to do heel raises and being able to do explosive movements. And these are all progressions that take time."
  • Oct. 29: Rodgers provides another update in his recovery by throwing passes and also showcasing some football-like movements ahead of the Jets' win over the Giants.


  • Nov. 7: Rodgers provides a loose timetable on his recovery, stating that he is "more than a couple weeks" away while adding that the Jets need to be in the mix for him to return this season. The Jets were 4-4 at the time of these comments and were coming off of a loss to the Los Angeles Chargers
  • Nov. 15.: Rodgers tells NBC that he is targeting a mid-December return. Rodgers also said that week that returning on a full-time basis by Thanksgiving had been the plan. 
  • Nov. 26.: NFL Media reports that Rodgers' targeted return is the Jets' Christmas Eve matchup against the Washington Commanders. It's also reported at this time that Rodgers wants to play again this season regardless of New York's playoff standing. 
  • Nov. 29.: The Jets officially open Rodgers' practice window, thus giving the team three weeks to activate him. Rodgers is labeled as a limited participant during his first practice back with the team. Rodgers said the previous day that he will play again this season if he deems himself healthy enough, is cleared medically to play, and if New York (now 4-7) is still alive in the AFC playoff race.