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Fans of Fall Out Boy and the NBA noticed a familiar face when the band dropped the music video for its new song "So Much (For) Stardust" on Wednesday. That's because Heat star Jimmy Butler starred alongside lead singer Pete Wentz as a rhinestone cowboy in the video.

The music video features Butler as the main point of focus, and he is wearing an outfit straight out of the Grand Ole Opry. On top of that, Butler is sporting the "emo" hair he had at NBA Media Day.

Later in the video, Wentz joins Butler in a sparkling suit of his own, and the two bust out some moves as the song comes to a close.

Butler appearing in a music video isn't exactly a surprise. He has pretty eclectic taste, and Butler is even producing a 200-song country music album. Music is a passion of Butler's, and he loves the challenge of working in that industry.

"And it's fun, and I do love it, but my goodness, it's difficult," Butler told The Guardian earlier this year. "It's stressful -- it's completely different from basketball. I'm not saying basketball's easy either, but just for people to be able to think they can just go do this or that -- it's like, man, look. Humble yourself. It is incredibly fun, I've had a blast while doing it. But I will tell you that it's not easy."

Wherever music takes him, fans of both music and basketball can only hope that Butler continues to star in more pop punk music videos.