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It wouldn't be media day if Jimmy Butler wasn't trying a new look. The Miami Heat star showed up to Monday's event with sleek straight hair covering part of his face, along with piercings and black-painted fingernails.

This seemed to be his way of showing he was not content about his team falling short of a title after losing to the Denver Nuggets in the 2023 NBA Finals.

"This is my emotional state," Butler said. "I'm one with my emotions." 

Butler has anything but a boring personality, and it's common for him to shake things up once in a while. Last year, Butler tried dreadlocks during the offseason and showed up to media day trying to convince everyone he did not have hair extensions. 

"You never know how I'm going to wake up in the morning," Butler said. "This is how I feel today. We'll see tomorrow. Tomorrow might be in all yellow, who knows. You're lucky we didn't get to wear our black jerseys because I'm supposed to be in all black."

Even though a creative new style isn't out of character for Butler, his teammates were still in disbelief when they saw him on media day. Heat center Bam Adebayo couldn't hold back the laughter while he watched Butler get his straight hair combed to perfection in the middle of their photoshoot. 

"Ain't no way that's him," Adebayo said.

Adebayo told reporters Butler is "misunderstood," but he can do whatever he wants as long as the team gets wins.

"If this is a phase he's going through at 34, you have to let him go through his phases," Adebayo added. "We all go through our emo phases."

 Tyler Herro tried to play it cool but was also visibly amused. 

"[Butler] told me that's his Halloween, today," Herro said.

It seemed the creative content team was willing to embrace Butler's new look, as they even played music that fit his vibe, including The Used's "The Taste of Ink."

Butler likes to have fun during media day, and he certainly did so Monday by joking "I'm emo," but the six-time All-Star made it clear he is locked in and ready to have a successful season. 

"It's always been about a championship for me. It will always be about that. Nothing else," Butler said. "This is our year. This is the one. And this one's going to feel real good."