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Houston Astros star Jose Altuve has become not only a fan favorite in the city he plays in, but he has also earned admirers among New York Yankees haters everywhere. While Altuve's role as the face of the Astros' franchise has also made him a symbol of the team's sign-stealing scandal -- which directly denied the Yankees a chance at the 2017 World Series -- the way he has since tormented the Bronx has earned him plenty of fans among those who hate the Yankees just as much as they love their own team.

Actor Mark Wahlberg -- a lifelong Red Sox fan who now claims to be an Astros fan -- is one of these fans. Speaking before giving the traditional "Play ball!" before the Astros' Opening Day game, Wahlberg said that he would be willing to donate a thumb to Altuve, who broke one of his during the World Baseball Classic.

"I am also willing to donate either one of my thumbs to Jose Altuve, for sure," Wahlberg said while calling the Astros his favorite Yankee killers. "… I am a big fan."

While the Astros have been directly responsible for keeping the Yankees out of the World Series on three separate occasions, Altuve is likely to miss at least the first two months of the season as he recovers from his injury.