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High school prom proposals can sometimes be over the top, but it's hard to imagine anyone outdoing what one New Jersey high school student was able to pull off. Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper stood side-by-side with a local fan while he asked a classmate to prom. 

Jake Portello, a senior at Haddonfield Memorial High School in southern New Jersey, told "The Phantastic Sports Show" that he went and knocked on Harper's front door to ask him if he'd be willing to assist with his proposal.

"I knocked on his door, he seemed cool with it at first, then he was like, 'Can I get your email so we can plan this out?' and as I was leaving he was like, 'Why don't we do this right now," Portello said.

Harper ended up being the perfect sidekick as he asked the young woman, Giulia, if she would be willing to go to prom with Portello. The Phillies outfielder certainly got the young woman's attention as she hugged Harper before making her way to Portello.

Based on Giulia's reaction, it's likely she is a Phillies fan or is at least very aware of how big of a star Harper is.

"I wasn't expecting this, I thought it'd be something cool among my friends and people in my town and stuff," Jake added. "I didn't even expect [Harper] to open the door in the first place."

Portello definitely swung for the fences with the proposal, and he connected like one of Harper's moonshots at Citizens Bank Park.