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One sports bettor might be second-guessing their decision to put an absurd statement on social media. 

In a post on X, user @tomandmartys posted that for every like his post received, they'd bet $5 for longshot Carl Yuan to win the Mexico Open.

"For every like this tweet gets in the next 24 hours I will bet $5 on Carl Yuan to win the Mexico Open," the user posted.

The tweet wound up getting 1,315 likes before the cutoff, forcing the bettor to cough up $6,575 on a wager for Yuan to win the Mexico Open this weekend. He certainly wasn't too happy about having to place such a lofty bet on a longshot.

"Oh for f---s sake. You people are sick. My dumb a-- golf tweets never get more than like 5 likes. This must be my enemies trying to bankrupt me. But I'll get the last laugh you bastards," the user posted.

Yuan had 90/1 odds to win the Mexico Open when the tournament began but opened the day on Friday at 250/1 odds. 

Surprisingly enough, Yuan had a strong day on Friday as he moved into a tie for eighth place with a 6-under showing thus far. If Yuan can make a charge, what a wager this would end up being after starting out as just a joke.