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14-year-old Cain Lee, an eighth-grader at Lutheran South Academy in the Houston, Texas area died Oct. 30, three weeks after suffering a brain injury while playing in a Southwest Football League game. According to the Houston Chronicle, Lee was injured during a game on Oct. 11 and spent nearly three weeks in a coma at Texas Children's Hospital before his eventual passing.

At a memorial service at Friendswood Methodist Church, Lee was remembered as a standout young athlete, as he played basketball, baseball and was a participant in track and field in addition to football. He was also remembered for his kindness and selflessness toward his peers, best illustrated when Lee's father, Cody, told a story about his son giving his own clothes to another student.

"I noticed a young man wearing a sweater and I don't know all the kids' clothes. I probably don't even know all my clothes," Cody Lee said. "And I said, 'He's got a sweater like you.' He said, 'Well, he didn't have anything nice, Dad. So I've been sneaking clothes from home to give him my clothes so he wouldn't be embarrassed when he was in school.'"

"Never would your hear about Cain telling you about anything he did," said Darrin Forse, Cain Lee's baseball coach. "It was always about what somebody else did. That was the person he was. It was never about his accomplishments. It was about somebody else's accomplishments."

Among those who honored Lee was Texas land commissioner Dawn Buckingham, who shared a state senate resolution honoring him, and National Outdoor Hall of Famer Roger Raglin.

Lee is survived by his parents and two siblings, an older brother and a twin brother.