The video feud between Ohio State and Michigan State has a new chapter.

Following Ohio State's 17-16 win over Michigan State last weekend, Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi said the Spartans had filed a complaint with the Big Ten about game video that Ohio State had sent earlier in the week. According to Narduzzi, the game film -- which Big Ten schools are required to send to upcoming opponents -- had been doctored.

It was later clarified that Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis and Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith had settled the dispute without involving the Big Ten.

Well, now it's Ohio State's turn.

The Buckeyes reportedly have sent a video to the Big Ten of what they believe is Michigan State offensive lineman Jack Allen intentionally poking Ohio State defensive lineman Johnathan Hankins in the eye while both are at the bottom of a pile.

Here's the video; judge for yourself.

It sure doesn't look like Allen stuck his fingers in there by accident, does it? Though it sure does look like Hankins had his hand inside Allen's facemask as well.

Whatever comes from this incident, it's pretty clear Michigan State and Ohio State don't like each other very much, and the Big Ten is picking up another nice rivalry between the Buckeyes and a school from that state to the north.

Too bad these two schools won't play again until 2015.