In an article on Thursday Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Todd Monken made a comment about Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones. When talking about Oklahoma State choosing a new quarterback to replace Brandon Weeden, Monken tried to make a point about how there aren't a lot of quarterbacks who can carry a team all by themselves.

He used Landry Jones as his example.

"It didn’t take long when ol’ (Ryan) Broyles went down and (Oklahoma) started running (Blake Bell) to think, ‘Do we have our guy?’ That didn’t take long," Monken told David Ubben. "Landry Jones went from like, 'I’m the man,' to all of a sudden, 'I haven’t thrown a touchdown pass (and) I'm fumbling it over my head at Oklahoma State. I gotta go back and see my quarterback guru.’ ” 

Monken was referencing Jones' performance against Oklahoma State last season in which he turned the ball over four times and Oklahoma lost 44-10.

On Friday Monken issued an apology in a statement.

“I want to apologize to Landry Jones and to the Oklahoma football program for using them as a specific example to illustrate a point concerning how quickly an injury to a key player can impact how a team plays.

“While speaking to a visiting member of the media about the importance of a quarterback’s confidence and demeanor, and about how quickly things can change in football, I made the mistake of making a specific reference to illustrate my point.”

Which, honestly, is a bit ridiculous to me. It's not as if Monken insulted Jones' character or anything, he simply made some comments about how Jones had a very bad night in Stillwater. Something Jones and anybody who watched that game was already well aware of.

Plus, this is Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. They're rivals, not best friends. They're not supposed to like each other.