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College football was rocked to its core on Wednesday with the announcement that Nick Saban, the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, would retire after a career that has seen him win seven National Championships over the past two decades. And with Saban having just led the Crimson Tide to the Rose Bowl and yet another College Football Playoff appearance, the natural question is to what prompted the 72-year-old to step down and why.

In a post on his X account, Colorado head coach Deion Sanders -- Saban's peer and co-star in commercials for Aflac -- suggested that dramatic changes to college football prompted the Alabama coach's retirement. As Saban has tried to sustain his championship teams, dramatic shifts in player autonomy have occurred in the college football industry, with the Transfer Portal and NIL deals being the primary drivers.

As of Thursday morning, Saban had yet to publicly explain his motives for hanging up his headset. However, according to a report by 247Sports, Saban cited his age and health concerns among the reasons for his retirement in a team meeting where he informed the Tide of his decision.

The exact effect of Saban's retirement on Alabama, arguably the most dominant program in college football over the past 17 years, remains to be seen. Interestingly, Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders -- Deion's son -- appeared to openly lobby for Alabama players to transfer to the Buffaloes in a post on Wednesday.