When Rey Mysterio and Andrade were in need of assistance during their WrestleMania 40 match against Dominik Mysterio and Santos Escobar, they received help from two big men from the Philadelphia Eagles. Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson jumped the guardrail to tip the scales in favor of Rey and Andrade and drew a massive pop from the fans in Philadelphia.

Johnson and Kelce, in Eagles themed luchador masks, jumped into action as Dominik grabbed a steel chair in an attempt to finish off his father. Kelce rammed Dominik into the ring post before sending him into the ring. Moments later, Rey delivered a double 619 before a splash on Escobar to score the victory.

Kelce, who announced his retirement from football in March, and Johnson then unmasked before celebrating with the victors.

Kelce is considered one of the greatest centers to ever play in the NFL. Kelce and Johnson, who has played tackle for the Eagles since 2013, formed the core of the Eagles offensive line. Kelce also rose to prominence nationally over the past season when he was repeatedly in attendance for his brother Travis' playoff games, often celebrating shirtless as Travis went on to win yet another Super Bowl.