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Chelsea will have a new head coach very soon, it's just a matter of days or maybe weeks. There are no doubts about the decision that Frank Lampard will only remain until the end of the current season. But the process is full of surprises because the two favorites over the last two weeks are no longer in the race to become the new coach: Luis Enrique has been dropped from consideration by Chelsea over the last few days after two rounds of talks. The Spanish manager remains appreciated by Tottenham, however. Vincent Kompany is also included on Chelsea's list, but no decision has been made yet.

On the other side, Julian Nagelsmann has decided in the last 48 hours to withdraw from the race to become the new Chelsea manager because there were so many differences on crucial points of the long term project. There was never a definitive agreement between the parties and Nagelsmann was not happy with the long wait this month because he thought the process would be much shorter.

With Nagelsmann and Enrique out of the race, keep an eye on Mauricio Pochettino as the future Chelsea coach. The former Tottenham and PSG boss was approached earlier this week for the first time and the contacts have been positive. There is still no final decision, Chelsea will take a few days for further talks with two other candidates but Pochettino made a very good impression to the Blues board.

His experience is an important factor. In addition to his knowledge of the English language, his work in the Premier League in the past is highly appreciated. Furthermore, Pochettino has already worked in top clubs and could help in the management of the dressing room. Behind the scenes, it is important to note that Pochettino was already on Chelsea's list last September when the club decided to fire Thomas Tuchel. Pochettino was in a two-horse race with Graham Potter; the latter won at that point but clearly the Argentine manager was already appreciated by Chelsea.

Finally, an important clarification. In recent weeks Tottenham have never directly and concretely approached Pochettino to become the new head coach. While he's still much loved by Spurs fans, the club see another direction for the future. And now, it's up to Chelsea.