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Simones Biles is preparing for her return to competitive gymnastics, and if her training ahead of the Core Hydration Classic is any indication, she will be back better than ever. Biles ran through a series of routines in various events that impressed everyone in attendance, according to ESPN.

In 2021, Biles earned a bronze medal in the balance beam at the Tokyo Olympics but bowed out of other events due to getting a case of the "twisties." Biles struggled to maintain spatial awareness while in the air, so she chose to step away from competing for a while after Tokyo.

During her podium training, Biles worked on her new floor routine, the uneven bars, the balance beam and the vault. Biles hit her signature move on the floor routine -- a double layout with a half twist -- and nailed three Yurchenko double pikes on the vault.

With Biles making her comeback this weekend, she will not be holding anything back. Her coach, Cecile Landi, said Biles can do everything she did before the Tokyo Olympics.

"She can do everything that she was doing before," Landi told ESPN. "We just adjusted the routines to use the new code of points and make it as mentally and physically comfortable as she can handle."

Landi added that, if there was any question about how Biles would respond this weekend, she wouldn't be competing in the event.

"We wouldn't be here if we had seen any hesitation," Landi said. "It's her will to be here and as long as she tells us she's good to go, we will continue."

The Core Hydration Classic will take place at Hoffman Arena this weekend, and Biles will have the chance to take a big step toward competing at the 2024 Paris Olympics.