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Snowboarder Jan Scherrer will forever be reminded that he is "good but not the best" thanks to a tattoo on his right leg. Ahead of his halfpipe competition at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, he made a deal with his wife that resulted in some very unique ink.

"Before I went to the Olympics in February, my wife @therealyellowsasha told me 'if you win a medal in Beijing, you have to get a tattoo of my choosing,'" Scherrer wrote on Instagram. "Well, 8 months later, she drew one and I finally got it tattooed…" 

Scherrer had already competed in two other Olympics but hadn't earned a medal yet, so he figured if the third time proved to be the charm, he would feel on top of the world and nothing would be able to bring down his mood.

"I thought, 'Well if I end up in the top three, I'm not going to care about anything anyway,' so I said yes," the 28-year-old said in an Instagram video.

Scherrer ended up winning a bronze medal. He celebrated months ago and thanked all of the people who have supported him along the way, but it wasn't until this week that he shared his brand new tattoo.

It's not uncommon for Olympians to get tattoos to remember their achievements, but this one is truly special. Scherrer's wife drew him wearing an Olympics shirt with endless sleeves, a pointy had with the No. 3 on it, some boots and a big smile. He is standing underneath a banner that reminds him of his good effort. 

Scherrer, born in Switzerland, has also earned bronzed medals at the Aspen World Championships in 2021 and the Aspen Winter X Games in 2020. However, the Beijing Olympics medal will likely be a lot more memorable than those, especially now that he has a reminder of it wherever he goes.