The forecast for Sunday’s game between the Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons isn’t a good one, as Hurricane Sandy is predicted to hit the Delaware Valley late Monday or early Tuesday.

The system being pushed ahead of it is supposed to bring lots of rain and wind and generally miserable conditions to Philadelphia on Sunday, which could make for some miserable football at Lincoln Financial Field.

The Eagles know that, and they say they're prepared.

“Football is a game of the elements unless you play in a dome,’’ tackle Todd Herremans said. “You have to deal with those elements the same way you deal with the guy across the line of scrimmage. You have to overcome it and you can’t let it overcome you."

The Eagles aren’t a good bad-weather team -- they’re built for a dry, fast track where their speedy wide receivers can run wild. So, they might have to go to Plan B and change their game plan if the weather really is that bad, although quarterback Michael Vick said they won’t change their approach.

“Regardless of the weather, you’ve got to go out there and just keep pushing, just try to get through it the best way you can,’’ he said. “We can’t predict Mother Nature or what’s going to happen. Maybe it won’t be as bad, but if it is, then we’ve got to keep grinding it out. The best team is going to figure it out.”

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