Tom Brady retired in 2022, but the world didn't have to speculate over the next couple of years about if he'd unretire, because he did it a few weeks later. Now, back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the 44-year-old has made it clear the competitive fire still burns hot within him, and there's no telling when he might actually hang up his cleats for good. Having already set himself up for a post-football career that includes a historically lucrative broadcasting gig, there will be no shortage of opportunities for the five-time Super Bowl MVP.

And while his post-retirement plans rub up against those of lead Fox NFL analyst and former Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen, there isn't an immediate concern on Olsen's part that Brady will step off of the field in the near future. In fact, he thinks Brady should keep going until he achieves one thing in particular. 

"I don't think Tom's career is over until he gets 10 Super Bowls," Olsen told ESPN in jest. "I think anything less than that would be selling himself short, so if I was him, I'd go for 10."

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Brady is currently a seven-time Super Bowl winning quarterback who has achieved almost literally everything there is to achieve at the quarterback position, and that includes having the most rings of any QB in the history of professional football. But, as he will readily tell you in revisiting his Super Bowl losses against good friend and former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning -- who defeated Brady in two separate Super Bowls -- he still aches over the rings he couldn't obtain, the added zinger being just how close he came to obtaining them in both of those circumstances.

It's very possible Brady could have 10 rings already, having appeared in a total of 10 Super Bowls, if he defeated Manning and the Giants (in 2007 and 2011) along with not seeing the Bucs lose on their home field this past January to the eventual champion Los Angeles Rams, so Olsen may very well have a point. If Brady has only three or four championships at this point in his career, maybe seeking 10 wouldn't be realistic and, as such, not a key motivator.

But, he has seven and could've had more, so it's possible to think the number 10 is playing on his mind.