Talk about the Wildcat has been non-stop since the Jets traded for QB Tim Tebow in March. It is one of the reasons the team has garnered so much media attention throughout the offseason and into training camp. However, the Wildcat has yet to make an appearance in either practice or the first preseason game. Tebow has run the ball numerous times, but no play has been a Wildcat.

When asked about it and whether the team actually plans to run it, coach Rex Ryan said, “The Wildcat is tough to defend. Are we going to do it? Of course." He disagreed with the premise that the play may have seen its day and that its use is waning because teams are becoming more adept at defending it. “If anything it’s just the opposite,” Ryan said.

And the Wildcat has been on Ryan’s radar for a long time. In fact, he admitted Sunday that in 2011 he considered drafting QB Colin Kaepernick for the same role to replace WR Brad Smith (now with the Bills), but the 49ers got to him first.

Jets OC Tony Sparano, known for the Wildcat formation during his four-year tenure as head coach in Miami, was asked about the plan for the Jets and responded, “[Coach] Rex [Ryan] is the boss. I think it’s common knowledge that we might do something like that.”

The Jets play host to the Giants on Saturday. Will it finally be revealed then? Only Ryan knows for sure.

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