It's not like the Jets shouldn't have seen this coming, the mess with with Wayne Hunter at right tackle.

In 2010 he gave up four sacks in four starts and another 8.5 last season in 16 starts (BTW: D'Brickashaw Ferguson gave up 9.5 last season).

The solution is not as simple as saying, 'Let's put a tight end over there to help Hunter, or have a back chip the DE.' Every time a team surrenders a receiver into the blocking scheme, the defense picks up a blitzer or the opportunity to double another receiver (like Santonio Holmes).

Can the Jets really afford to have Dustin Keller in the protection scheme?

Maybe it's time to work out Vernon Carey. He has played right tackle and guard in his career. He only gave up 4.5 sacks last season in 15 starts at guard (he had one holding call and no false starts, to boot).

Hunter and Carey are the same age but Carey has 107 starts to Hunter's 21.

Sacks are never a problem exclusive to offensive lineman, but that's who gets the blame, and it may be time for the Jets to do something about their right tackle situation.