The NFL's greatest supervillain reads to his kids at night before bedtime. He dotes on his wife and posts goofy things to Facebook like an A+ paper he wrote in high school or his resume from college. He doesn't drink coffee, won't touch tomatoes and rarely drinks. He's a dog lover, too, who's big on sharing recipes.

But don't get it twisted: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. is a bad, bad man.

At least, that is, if you root for a rival team that's been on the losing end of Brady's dominance over the past 15 seasons. Don't even get Ben Affleck started on how many rival owners and teams have it out for Brady. In the cutthroat universe of pro football, Brady's (alleged) crimes against his cell phone, game balls and the NFL rulebook put him in the conniving company of other legendary scoundrels.

The heart-warming, straight-from Hollywood story of a sixth-round pick who became an NFL legend? The Brazilian supermodel wife? The four Super Bowl rings?

All nauseating to the multitudes of Brady haters. To them, Brady is Richard Nixon and the Pats ball boys are the Watergate burglars.

At least according to a totally unscientific survey of sports-radio hosts from the 32 NFL markets around the country. When asked who is Public Enemy No. 1 for local NFL fans, Brady's name -- and that of his masterminding co-conspirator Bill Belichick -- kept popping up.

From South Florida to the Mile High City, from the Hoosier State to the Empire State, the hatred for Brady and Belichick runs deep and wide.

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But No. 12 isn't the only villain who gets rival fans lathered up. While there are plenty of no-brainers (hello, Vontaze Burfict and Steelers fans), there are also plenty of surprises on this list. Who knew that Texans fans loathe the backup QB of an NFC team more than, say, Andrew Luck? Or that Carolina fans are fixated on a QB who plays in a city nearly 3,000 miles away from Charlotte? Or that, for all the supposed Cam Newton haters, the reigning MVP checks in at No. 1 on only one fan base's Public Enemy List while Russell Wilson tops two.

At least, going off what these radio personalities told us.

Here is the definitive, totally subjective, entirely debatable and fully listenable list of the NFL's Most Hated. Don't agree with the selections? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below.

Arizona Cardinals

Most Hated: Pete Carroll

Cardinals fans hate the Seahawks and the exuberant Seattle coach is the perfect foil to Bruce Arians. While Arians exudes hipster cool with his custom-made Kangol hats and horned-rim glasses, Carroll is a gum-chomping, dad-shoe rocking cliché straight out of Central Casting.

"At times he looks like Harry High School on the sidelines chomping on that gum," said Mike Jurecki, a Cardinals insider who hosts "4 Quarters" on Fox Sports Radio's 910 in Phoenix.

All that chomping and hooting and hollering wouldn't bug Red Birds fans one bit if it weren't for Carroll's dominance over the division -- and the Cards. Carroll is 8-4 against Arizona since arriving in Seattle and 4-2 against Arians, who holds an impressive 25-5 record outside of the NFC West but is a pedestrian 9-9 in the division.

"I think it's going to be a two-team race in the NFC West and you can fast-forward to Week 16 where the Cardinals will travel to the Pacific Northwest to play the Seattle Seahawks Dec. 24," Jurecki said. "If the Cardinals want to get to the Super Bowl, they're going to have to go through the Seattle Seahawks."

Hate You So Bad

Atlanta Falcons

Most Hated: Kyle Shanahan

The NFL cities change, but the sentiment remains the same for Mike Shanahan's son: Fans can't stand the guy. A divisive figure in Houston, Washington and Cleveland, Shanahan is now Public Enemy No. 1 in Atlanta, according to Mark Zinno, the host of "A to Z" on CBS Sports Radio's 92.9 The Game. While Dan Quinn's defense couldn't stop a nose bleed last season, Falcons fans steamed over an offense that went in the tank after a 5-0 start.

"Matt Ryan was awful, threw way too many picks, and the play-calling was questionable, even on its best days," Zinno said. "Kyle Shanahan has got to do a better job of making this offense, with a quarterback like Matt Ryan, a wide receiver like Julio Jones and a running back like Devonta Freeman, more prolific, more dynamic and be able to score more than 20 points a game as they did down the stretch last year. He has to produce, he has to make Matt Ryan better and the Falcons need to win a lot more close games and that's only going to happen if this offense can find a way to get the ball in the end zone."

Hate You So Bad

Baltimore Ravens

Most Hated: Ben Roethlisberger

Baltimore hates Pittsburgh. Ravens fans loathe the Steelers. No surprise there. The hatred is so intense that Rob Long, a co-host on the "Norris and Long" morning show on CBS Sports Radio's 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore, said that Ravens Nation is having a hard time warming up to newly-acquired wideout Mike Wallace -- you know, former Steeler Mike Wallace.

"The Cleveland Browns are horrible and the Cincinnati Bengals cannot win a playoff game," explains Long. "The Pittsburgh Steelers flash those six rings in your faces constantly and Ravens fans hate it and them."

And if there's one Steeler that Ravens fans hate the most entering the 2016 season, it's Big Ben.

"At one point it was Hines Ward beyond a shadow of a doubt," Long said. "I would say it has to be Ben Roethlisberger. He's the one Baltimore fans make fun of with creative little plays on his name. I'm sure you can come up with a few."

Hate You So Bad

Buffalo Bills

Most Hated: Bill Belichick (and Tom Brady)

If any fan base is justified in hating Tom Brady, it's #BillsMafia. Forget the reported $1.4 billion that Terry Pegula paid Ralph Wilson's heirs for the franchise in 2014. Brady has outright owned the Bills since 2001 with a head-to-head record of 25-3. Yes, that's not a typo.

Or, to put it another way, leap years, presidential elections and the Summer Olympics come around more often than a Bills' win over Brady's Pats.

But Sal Capaccio, the sideline reporter for the Bills Radio Network on WGR Sports Radio 550, said that it's Belichick who Bills fans have hated even longer.

If Jon Bon Jovi had bought the team in 2014 and tried to orchestrate a move to Toronto, Capaccio said the Jersey rocker would be wanted, dead or alive.

There's also maybe some janitor at 1 Bills Drive who's put a hex on the team. How else do you explain the longest playoff drought in North American sports at 16 years going?

"Everybody wants to blame someone for it, but to be honest with you, I think we have to settle on Bill Belichick," Capaccio said. "Bill Belichick goes even further back than the 16-year playoff drought. He was the defensive coordinator in Super Bowl XXV when Bill Parcells and the Giants beat the Bills 20-19 and held the ball for so long and really did a good job against the Bills' K-Gun offense. So, we in Buffalo know he did that, and then now he's tied to Brady, now he wins the division all the time, he's accused of cheating, we're in the same division, every year, we gotta see him twice. It's the Patriots. It's Belichick. I'd say Brady is close, but it looks like to me that Bill Belichick is Public Enemy No. 1."

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Carolina Panthers

Most Hated: Russell Wilson

Not Matt Ryan, not Drew Brees, not Jameis Winston. Nope, Panthers fans most loathe a non-division quarterback who plays for a team located nearly 3,000 miles away on the opposite end of the country -- and who a lot of Panthers fans rooted for when he was an all-ACC quarterback at N.C. State.

Here's Chris McClain, host of "The Mac Attack" on CBS Sports Radio's 610 the Fan in Charlotte, to explain why Panthers fans hate "Russell Stinking Wilson" so bad.

"That goody-goody, goody two shoes," McClain said. "I do commercials for the Microsoft Surface to show you how hard I work, even when I'm at the barbershop I'm working on the playbook. That image of him he has contrived about him being a goody-goody is annoying. Meanwhile, our quarterback Cam Newton gets ripped for everything, even if he passes gas."

Oh, McClain has more.

"I can't stand it. Russell Wilson is that teacher's pet. I guarantee you he took apples to class on the first day of school. And, oh, by the way, he's a pretty good football player there, too. How many blindfolded, fall-away Houdini miracle passes has he completed against the Panthers?"

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Hate You So Bad

Chicago Bears

Most Hated: Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers

Chicago is the Second City, so it kinda makes sense that Bears fans most despise two quarterbacks. There's the guy who plays for their team and there's the future Hall of Famer who plays for their fiercest division rival. Consider Jay Cutler Public Enemy No. 1a, and Aaron Rodgers No. 1b.

Dan Bernstein, the co-host of "Boers and Bernstein" on CBS Sports Radio's 670 The Score, states the obvious about Cutler, who has gone from the Toast of the Town to a guy most Bears fans can't wait to run out of town after seven seasons in Chicago.

"As soon as this season starts, in Chicago, Public Enemy No. 1 at some point is going to be Jay Cutler," Bernstein said. "Now he happens to be the Bears' own quarterback. But knowing this fan base, and knowing the reaction to the slightest misstep, given the opportunity to express the upmost distaste for Jay Cutler, that will be your biggest enemy of Bears fans because they don't like him."

Dustin Rhoades, also of 670 the Score, states the obvious about Rodgers, who has torched the Bears to the tune of 13 wins in 17 career meetings, picking right up where Brett Favre left off.

"I am so sick and tired of watching Aaron blinkin' Rodgers' reaction after throwing a TD pass against the Bears or sliding on his backside for another first down," Rhoades said. "Then he gets up and he makes that motion with the WWE championship belt, Look at me, I'm the champ."

Most Bears fans have given up on Cutler as their field general in this war, the NFL's oldest, bitterest rivalry. But that doesn't mean they're ever giving up.

"I can only hope that (Rodgers) lost some of his edge, some of his focus as any other red-blooded American would as he gets to spend some extra time with the gorgeous Olivia Munn," Rhoades said. "I was thrilled when Brett Favre finally got out of Lambeau Field, but right now you could make the argument that Aaron Rodgers has been even better than Favre."

Hate You So Bad

Cincinnati Bengals

Most Hated: Pick a Steeler, any Steeler

Really, there's plenty of hate to go around when it comes to the Bengals and Steelers. It's a long-simmering blood feud that completely boiled over during last season's AFC wild-card fiasco in Cincy. Here's the list of grievances for Bengals fans, provided by Lance McAlister, a longtime host on ESPN's 1530 in Cincinnati.

"Let's start with the hair-pulling Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak. Like a girl in the school yard, he yanked the hair of Bengals safety Reggie Nelson when they collided on the sidelines in last season's wild-card meeting. Then his fine was rescinded by the league!

"Don't forget Steelers linebackers coach Joey Porter. He made his way onto the field to incite chaos in that same wild-card game. He had a big, smug smile on his face as Adam Jones was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

"Then there's Steelers linebacker Vince Williams, who took to Twitter to threaten to kill Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict.

"And don't get me started on Kimo von Oelhoffen's cheap shot to the knee of Carson Palmer in 2005 ... Hines Ward's near decapitation of Keith Rivers in 2009 or Terence Garvin shattering the jaw of Kevin Huber in 2013."

Got all that?

"You are left to wonder what it would take," said McAlister, "to embarrass the Rooney Family and the Steelers organization enough to do something about it?"

Hate You So Bad

Cleveland Browns

Most Hated: Johnny Manziel

Yes, the Curse of Cleveland is dead, thanks to LeBron James and the Comeback Cavs. Yes, that pathetic Browns jersey with all the starters at QB listed since 1999, starting with former No. 1 overall pick Tim Couch, has been "retired." But that doesn't mean that Browns fans are over Manziel's spectacular flameout in Cleveland.

"Saying Johnny Manziel is the nemesis of the Cleveland Browns is like saying the Titanic nudged an iceberg," wrote Nick Wilson, the host of "The Nick Wilson Experiment" on CBS Sports Radio's 92.3 The Fan. "Manziel is the epitome of what Cleveland has come to loathe about the current iteration of the Browns; big talk, unrealistic hype, squandered potential and a complete waste of time."

To say Manziel squandered his potential is an understatement. What other first-round bust ever got photographed drinking champagne while riding an inflatable swan before even getting to his first mini-camp? What future franchise QB ever went missing before the season's final game, only to surface in Vegas wearing a blonde wig, a fake mustache and glasses and calling himself Billy?

"It's amateur hour to despise a rival team's quarterback for a week or two during the season," Wilson wrote. "Cleveland sports fans are professionals that will hold disdain for Manziel until a nice young quarterback comes along and sweeps them off their feet. Had Manziel had anywhere near that level of commitment his ex-fans have, those same fans might already have started using that hatred on players from Cincinnati, Pittsburgh or Baltimore. Ya know, where it belongs."

Hate You So Bad

Dallas Cowboys

Most Hated: Dean Blandino, NFL VP of Officiating

There's a segment of Cowboys fans who can't stand Jerry Jones. No, seriously.

There's also the easily unlikeable "Filthadelphia Eagles."

"Between their bitterness, anger and Super Bowl jealousy, there is no level of green misery that Dallas Fort Worth could feel sorry for," wrote Shan Shariff, a co-host of "Shan & RJ" on CBS Sports Radio's 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

But no single Eagles player -- sorry, Sam Bradford -- rises to the level of abhorrence that Cowboys fans feel for Blandino, the NFL's top zebra and the arbiter of what a catch is ... and isn't.

Blandino, of course, was at the center of the reversal that overturned Dez Bryant's incredible fourth-quarter snag in the 2015 NFC divisional playoff against the Packers. Ruled a catch on the field, the Packers' Mike McCarthy challenged, and after referee Gene Steratore conferred with Blandino and NFL replay officials in New York, the call was overturned. The Cowboys lost the game, and, well ... Blandino still insists it's not a catch.

"You're not really supposed to bring it up around these parts," Shariff said.

Hate You So Bad

Denver Broncos

Most Hated: Tom Brady

Susie Wargin, a co-host with longtime Broncos play-by-play man Dave Logan on Denver Sports 760, said there's no shortage of public enemies for Broncos fans entering 2016. How to pick a No. 1?

"Honestly, first game of the year, I wish I could say the Panthers as a whole, but it's probably Cam Newton," Wargin said of NFL season opener on Thursday night. "I think there was so much chatter after the Super Bowl, that's a huge one."

Another date circled in bright orange: October 24 when some guy named Brock Osweiler shows up with his new team, the Texans, for a Monday night showdown in the Mile High City.

Broncomaniacs will be sure to give him a warm welcome.

But Logan, a Colorado sports legend who played the final season of his nine-year NFL career with the Broncos, isn't buying Newton or Osweiler usurping Tom Brady as the top villain in Broncos country. Not in 2016, and maybe not ever -- despite the Broncos being the one team that's had Brady's number over the years. Tom Terrific is just 5-6 against the Broncos in the regular season, and 1-3 in the playoffs -- with that one victory coming against Tim Tebow.

"Even though Cam Newton is a good choice, from the Broncos fan's perspective, Public Enemy No. 1, now and forevermore, is Tom Brady," Logan said. "I think there will be some booing for Brock Osweiler, but to me, Tom Brady and the Patriots, with Bill Belichick as the head coach, gotta be Public Enemy No. 1."

Hate You So Bad

Detroit Lions

Most Hated: Aaron Rodgers

Lions fans hate Rodgers for the same reason that Bears fans do: He's everything their team's starting QB isn't. Also, Rodgers did this in Detroit last season:

"Rodgers is not an unlikeable guy in Detroit," wrote Terry Foster, the co-host of "Valenti & Foster" on CBS Sports Radio's 97.1 The Ticket, in an email. "You will find Lions doing the Discount Double Check just like anyone else."

But likeable or not, Lions fans are tired of watching a guy they'd love to root for play for a division rival. It's sheer jealousy.

aaronrodgers.jpg original

"He's exactly what Detroit has wanted since Bobby Layne in the 1950s," Foster wrote. "He is a excellent quarterback that wins championships. The Lions hate Rodgers because he is superior to Matthew Stafford, Rodney Peete, Joey Harrington, Eric Hipple and anything else this team has trotted out there the past six decades. Rodgers usually wins one playoff game a season. The Lions have won one playoff game since 1957."

Hate You So Bad

Green Bay Packers

Most Hated: Russell Wilson

Colin Kaepernick used to be the guy Packers fans couldn't stand after he scorched Dom Capers' defenses in a pair of playoff wins, but his star has fallen along with the 49ers, opening the door for a new villain.

Enter Russell Wilson, who was beloved during his one season piloting the Wisconsin Badgers to the Rose Bowl, but is now universally hated by Cheeseheads.

"From the Fail Mary game in September of 2012 to the NFC Championship collapse of 2015, he's been the one behind the big losses in Packers' recent history," said Bart Winkler, a co-host on "Chuck & Winkler" in the mornings on 105.7 FM The FAN in Milwaukee. "From the amazingly lucky plays that prevent the Packers from a Super Bowl to the all-too-nice image that we're just not buying in America's Dairyland, Packers' Public Enemy No. 1 is Russell Wilson."

Hate You So Bad

Houston Texans

Most Hated: Matt Schaub

Sean Pendergast, the host of "The Triple Threat" on CBS Sports Radio's 610 in Houston, is happy to explain why Texans fans still have it out for Schaub, who has bounced to three different teams in three seasons since his ignominious departure from Houston after the 2013 season.

"It seems odd that the most hated NFL player for a team in Houston would be Atlanta's backup quarterback, but that speaks to two things -- the lack of real rivalries fostered in the Texans' nondescript first 14 years of existence, and the depth of the grudge Texan fans still hold toward Schaub for the massive destruction his barrage of pick-sixes caused in 2013," wrote Pendergast in an email. "A season that began with Super Bowl hopes and a 2-0 start ended buried under a steaming pile of Schaub failure with a 14-game losing streak and fans waiting for Schaub outside his house to remind him how awful he'd become at playing football."

The future looks bright for a new villain to emerge in Houston, however.

"Hopefully," Pendergast said, "with Brock Osweiler, the Texans become good enough for fans to graduate from self-loathing and someday have a most hated NFL player that actually didn't play for their own team."

Hate You So Bad

Indianapolis Colts

Most Hated: Tom Brady

"The entire City of Indianapolis hates Tom Brady for an almost endless variety of reasons," wrote Kent Sterling, who hosts his own drive-time show on CBS Sports Radio's 1430 in Indy. "His wife is too good looking, and he is great looking. Brady's house has a moat -- a moat! He cheated in the 2014 AFC Championship Game, and likely many games prior to that."

There's also Brady's well-worn underdog story, starring Brady as the sixth-round pick who went on to win four Super Bowls.

"Both touching and nauseating," said Sterling. "He is responsible for Bill Belichick, another guy Hoosiers love to hate, building a reputation as a genius. Or is Belichick responsible for Brady being heralded as an all-time great? Worst of all, Brady might actually be the best quarterback of all-time, which would drive Colts fans completely over the edge."

Hate You So Bad

Jacksonville Jaguars

Most Hated: Andrew Luck

Mike Dempsey, the host of "Jaguars Today" on 1010 XL Radio, said Jeff Fisher was the easy choice for Public Enemy No. 1 for years in Jacksonville.

"But Mr. 7-9's not relevant anymore. 7-9, 6-10, 7-8-1, call him whatever you like, that's what he's been for the last half dozen years," said Dempsey.

Also, Fisher's former team, the Titans, have been terrible since he left, while the Colts have dominated the division.

"I'm going to go with Mr. Neckbeard himself, Andrew Luck," Dempsey said. "Is he a good NFL quarterback? Sure. Is he the second coming of John Elway? Jag fans don't think so. They think that the national media overlooks his turnovers, his hanging onto the football too long, and his general all-around goofiness. He's got a book club. Are you kidding me? A quarterback with a book club. Hey, maybe stick your nose in the playbook a little more, Andrew Luck, because Matt Hasselbeck outplayed you when he was on the field last year."

Hate You So Bad

Kansas City Chiefs

Most Hated: John Elway

Nightmare on Elway? More like "Halloween" on repeat for Chiefs fans, with Elway continually reprising the role of Michael Myers. Dude has haunted Kansas City for decades.

"He tormented us on the field when he played, and now he's tormenting us in the front office, managing the Denver Broncos," said Bob Fescoe, who hosts "Fescoe In the Morning" on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City.

Elway, though Chiefs fans would love to forget, went 29-17 during his 16 seasons piloting the Broncos. Eight of his 35 fourth-quarter comebacks -- third-most in league history -- also came against the Chiefs. There's also that stinging memory of the Broncos coming into wet, cold Arrowhead Stadium to knock off the top-seeded Chiefs in the infamous "Vaseline Game" en route to Elway's first Super Bowl win after the 1997 season.

And since becoming the football czar in Denver in January 2011, Elway's Broncos are 8-2 against Kansas City.

Fescoe couldn't help but point out that Elway isn't the only guy working in the NFL that Chiefs fans can't wait to stick it to. "Jason La Canfora and Pete Prisco, two guys that the Kansas City fan base just doesn't like," he said. "La Canfora because he's an Orioles fan and likes to torment Chiefs fans and Royals fans alike on Twitter. And Pete Prisco because he never picks the Chiefs, never gives the Chiefs a lot of credit."

Hate You So Bad

St. Louis Los Angeles Rams

Most Hated: Stan Kroenke

Hollywood is great at scripting villains, but sorry, LA fans, you're sitting this one out. That's because St. Louis fans just had their NFL team carjacked ... by a native Missourian.

Here's Benjamin Hochman, columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and a co-host of "Writer's Block" on CBS Sports Radio's 920 AM, to sound off on the disgust that jilted St. Louis football fans feel for Stan Kroenke.

"[He] took this town and basically said, 'You're not good enough for the NFL' and basically Major Leagued, like the movie, to another town ala the owner of the Cleveland Indians, 1989," Hochman said. "It's really frustrating because there are so many diehard fans here in St. Louis that love the Rams. That paid big bucks to go watch the Rams. That were in the stands when that team went to the Super Bowl two times in three years. It was really amazing and thus very infuriating."

Here's what Hochman wrote on that January day that Kroenke and the "feckless thugs" of the NFL officially voted to put the Rams in LA.

Stan Kroenke, he should just go by "Kroenke" now, one name like Cher or Madonna. Going by Stan is an insult to the St. Louis sports icon he was named after.

Seven months later, the void left by the Rams remains a raw subject.

"I understand it was a business move, but it was the way they did it and the things they said in documents about the city of St. Louis on their way out that leaves a bad taste in everybody's mouth," Hochman said.

Hate You So Bad

Miami Dolphins

Most Hated: Tom Brady

Is Tom Brady's four-game ban for the Deflategate mess unfair? Maybe -- but so is life. And according to ex-Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder, Brady's life has been pretty much perfect so far. That makes it easy for Dol-fans to revile him.

"He was handed the greatest coach of all-time on the perfect team of all-time and he kicks everyone's ass every year," said Crowder, who hosts an afternoon show on CBS Sports Radio's WQAM 650 in South Florida. "The man has the perfect life and he's never had to go through any turbulence. And as for Deflategate? Please. He's a gazillionaire. His wife is a gazillionaire. They hire gazillionaire attorneys. He's not stressed."

Hate You So Bad

Minnesota Vikings

Most Hated: The Football Gods

Teddy Bridgewater's catastrophic, season-ending knee injury in a non-contact drill less than two weeks before the start of the season just confirms what Vikings fans have long known: they're cursed.

"For the Vikings, a franchise with a half century full of gut punches, Public Enemy No. 1 is much bigger than, say, Aaron Rodgers, who's carved the Vikings for like 10 years. Or Blair Walsh, who missed a chip shot in the playoffs last year," said Phil Mackey, a co-host of "Mackey and Judd" on 1500 ESPN Twin Cities.

It sure seems like there are greater forces at work in the Land of 10,000 lakes. Yet again, this looked like the Vikes' year, what, with Adrian Peterson, an attacking Mike Zimmer defense and the promise of Bridgewater blossoming into a legit franchise QB in Year 3.

Instead, Bridgewater could be out for this season -- and some of next -- and the Vikings just gave up a 2017 first-round pick for Sam Bradford, the ex-No. 1 pick that nobody thinks was worth that much. Don't forget the fourth-round pick for 2018, either. If Bradford doesn't get the Vikes to the playoffs during their first season at their new billion dollar purple palace, US Bank Stadium, well, it only furthers Mackey's point. It's enough for long-suffering Bills and Browns fans to feel bad for the super-nice folks in Minnesota.

"Four Super Bowl losses, the Drew Pearson push-off game, the Dirty Bird Falcons game, 41-donut in the Meadowlands, the Brett Favre interception, Walsh missing from 27 yards in the playoffs," Mackey said. "In Minnesota, it's not enough to suffer through brutally cold and dark winters. We must also apparently suffer through brutally cold and dark losses with no positives to balance out the devastation. "

Hate You So Bad

New England Patriots

Most Hated: Roger Goodell

There's not even a discussion about who is Public Enemy No. 1 in New England.

"It's No. 1 and then No. 2 is a Grand Canyon away," said Mike Felger, a co-host on the popular "Felger and Massarotti" show on CBS Sports Radio's 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston. "You could name any other player, any other coach, anyone else in sports, and they don't come close to Roger Goodell."

Pats fans aren't denying that Brady and his ball boys "more than likely" took a little air out of game balls, Felger said. But what they're also screaming is that the crime doesn't even come close to fitting the punishment.

"There has been a huge media campaign here in Boston supportive of the Patriots, attacking Roger Goodell. That hasn't helped matters, but pretty much the merits of it are the merits of it," Felger said. "It was a trumped up charge, whether you think the Pats were doing it or not. It was certainly embellished by Ted Wells and his investigators. It was further embellished by Roger Goodell at the appeal hearing. Again, whether you think they were doing it or not, even if they were taking a little air out of the football, that is hardly grounds for losing a first-round pick, losing four games for your starting QB. It was a gross overreach."

Hate You So Bad

New Orleans Saints

Most Hated: Roger Goodell

Detecting a theme here? Drew Brees speaks for all of Who Dat Nation when he recently said that "nobody believes anything" the NFL says nowadays.

That's especially true in New Orleans following Bountygate.

"Down here in these parts, the Who Dat Nation, look, they still hold it very, very much against the commissioner for what they perceived was being heavy-handed with the Bountygate," said Kristian Garic, the Saints sideline reporter and a co-host of "Double Coverage" for WWL 870am/105.3 FM in New Orleans. "Suspending their head coach for a year, taking away a couple of draft picks. They feel like that man caused this franchise to be set back a few years."

Jonathan Vilma is retired, as is Scott Fujita and Anthony Hargrove, while Gregg Williams has resurfaced in LA. But more than four years after Goodell handed down his punishments, Garic said Saints fans still blame him for anything that goes wrong.

"That man is so Public Enemy No. 1 down here, if it rains, he's to blame," he said. "If it's too hot, they blame Roger Goodell. If they lose to the Titans, they blame Roger Goodell. It's not on the Saints, it's on Roger Goodell. Your crawfish boil doesn't work well, blame Roger Goodell."

Hate You So Bad

New York Giants

Most Hated: Josh Norman

It's true: Gotham lacked a legit villain for a long time. That's what happens when Chip Kelly trades Giant killer DeSean Jackson to the less-hated Redskins and the once-mighty NFC East is a wasteland of mediocrity.

"I know when DeSean Jackson was there with the Eagles, he got the Giants. Bryant Westbrook did, too," said Joe Benigno, a longtime New York radio personality who co-hosts the "Joe and Evan Show" on CBS Sports Radio's 660 The Fan. "If you want to go back 100 years, it's Chuck Bednarik, or it's Tom Landry for leaving the Giants and becoming this all-time great coach in Dallas. Recently, it's a tough call."

Make that ... was a tough call, until Josh Norman got all up in Odell Beckham Jr.'s head during their heated one-on-one battle in Week 15 ... and then signed a massive deal with the rival Redskins in the offseason. It's been one long string of trash talk all summer, from Beckham saying he made Norman relevant to Norman saying Beckham was only relevant for a catch before declaring himself the "best cornerback on Earth."

So, yeah, it's on like Donkey Kong. Get your popcorn ready hen the Redskins travel to MetLife Stadium on Sept. 25.

Hate You So Bad

New York Jets

Most Hated: Bill Belichick and Tom Brady

"If you ask a Jet fan today, it's one of two guys, Belichick or Brady," said Joe Benigno, a longtime New York radio personality who co-hosts the "Joe and Evan Show" on CBS Sports Radio's 660 The Fan. "That's pretty much a given. One or the other. They've dominated the division for the past 15-16 years and we don't have to even get into all the other stuff."

You know, that other stuff.

Like Spygate, which began after former Belichick disciple Eric Mangini tipped off the NFL that Pats coaches were filming opponents' defensive signals.

Or, you know, that bizarre day in early 2000, when Belichick resigned from the Jets after one day on the job and promptly signed on to coach the Pats. Belichick is 22-10 against Gang Green since.

"With Belichick, we thought he was going to coach our team," Benigno said. "All of that, going back to after Parcells left. And Brady, what else can you say? You've got to get through them two to win the division. Not only didn't Belichick take the Jets job, but he became one of the greatest coaches of all time. It's either him or Lombardi. That makes it even worse because the greatest coach of all time is in our division."

Hate You So Bad

Oakland Raiders

Most Hated: City X

Things couldn't be any better for Raiders Nation entering the 2016 season. After a 13-year playoff drought in which the Raiders won five or less games in 10 of those seasons, there's legit preseason buzz.

Damon Bruce, who hosts the popular "Damon Bruce Show" on 95.7 The Game in the Bay Area, said that no one is laughing at Raider Nation with the young core of Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, and Khalil Mack.

"Questions about talent? About coaching? About culture? About the front office drafting well or having the ability to lure free agents? All answered positively, and 2016 should be a leap-forward-season," Bruce wrote.

"But the question still remains ... where are they going?"

Raider Nation may be a clan without borders, but diehard Raiders fans in the Bay Area are sick of wondering about the fate of their team. Mark Davis flirted with San Antonio for a bit, but now he's gone all in on Vegas, baby -- at least to needle Oakland into ponying up for a new stadium.

"Las Vegas? Wait, seriously ... Vegas? The Bottle Service Raiders? The list continues to prattle on, while Oakland itself proves a lousy partner in finding a solution," Bruce wrote. "How can so much uncertainty come to define a franchise in a league clearing about $13.5 billion a year? Mark Davis bears the burden of his father's ghost, and it's pretty clear he has few friends at the NFL owners table. He's real world rich, but NFL owner poor. The billionaires want him to sell, but he rightfully doesn't want to give up the family business ... Until someone with more money than Mr. Davis shows up to magically help, or Vegas decides to gut its own tax revenue (which Oakland never will) to build a stadium, the Raiders are stuck playing at the Coliseum. Stuck in that, might be leaving soon, for somewhere else, we don't know where, kind of way?"

Hate You So Bad

Philadelphia Eagles

Most Hated: Chip Kelly

Marc Farzetta of CBS Sports Radio's 94WIP in Philly has the perfect explanation as to why Eagles fans are still fuming about Chip Kelly.

"It's easy to hate a person that plays against you, but what about a person that poisons from within?"

Kelly, unceremoniously dumped in December, is already onto his next NFL gig with the 49ers, but Farzetta said Eagles fans -- and back-in-sway Howie Roseman -- won't soon forget the mess he made.

"Chip Kelly dealt away a franchise wide receiver (DeSean Jackson) and running back (LeSean McCoy), then traded for a mediocre quarterback (Sam Bradford)," Farzetta wrote. "He's tried to reinvent the wheel, but when you do that, you can't come back with a square. Kelly allowed it to all blow up in his face. Now Eagles fans have to watch the clean-up."

Hate You So Bad

Pittsburgh Steelers

Most Hated: Vontaze Burfict

As far as Steelers fans are concerned, Burfict's three-game suspension for trying to decapitate Antonio Brown in last season's wild-card game isn't sufficient punishment. Likewise for the questionable hit that ended Le'Veon Bell's season in Week 8.

Those two hits cost the Steelers a shot at Ring No. 7, said Chris Mueller, a co-host of "The Starkey and Mueller Show" on CBS Sports Radio's 93.7 The Fan.

It also cost the Bengals the services of Burfict for the first three games of the season after the NFL hit back with a suspension, but Mueller said it's little penance.

"The Steelers were a depleted group without both Bell and Brown and thus fell to the eventual Super Bowl champion Broncos in Denver," Mueller said. "Both Brown and Bell said they were targeted by the Bengals with intent to knock them out of the game. Brown went as far to say that the Bengals tried to 'Kill me.'"

Yeah, so if you didn't already know, mark your calendars for Dec. 18. That's when the Steelers will have a chance to get after Burfict since he -- or Le'Veon Bell -- won't be playing in their Week 2 meeting Sept. 18.

Hate You So Bad

San Diego Chargers

Most Hated: San Diego politicians

According to Marty Caswell of The Mighty 1090 in San Diego, Chargers owner Dean Spanos could have been the "biggest sports villain in San Diego sports history" if his Carson site had won the January NFL owner's vote on the two LA stadium projects. Consider that for a second: Dean Spanos could've been more reviled than Donald Sterling, a guy who made Marge Schott look good.

But, alas, another villain -- Rams owner Stan Kroenke -- orchestrated a coup that left Spanos, a loyal NFL man, with a reprieve. The NFL gave the Chargers a year to either work out a new stadium deal with San Diego or exercise their option to join the Rams in LA as a tenant in Kroenke's new football palace.

Six months later, Caswell said it's San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer and local politicians that are siphoning away the hatred that jilted Chargers fans feel for Spanos.

"It's the mayor and local politicians who spent all of last year talking about how important the Chargers were to San Diego and have been given a chance by the league to get something done and have done nothing since," Caswell said. "No support or compromise for the Chargers stadium plan, no plan, nothing from the mayor. Instead, it's been a six-month smear campaign."

All the while, Chargers fans continue to twist in the wind.

"Instead of Chargers fans wondering if Mike McCoy will waste another year of Philip Rivers' career or if they can win a lousy division game, something they didn't do last year," Caswell said, "they get to spend another year wondering if they will still lose the Chargers to LA."

Hate You So Bad

San Francisco 49ers

Most Hated: Jed York

Damon Bruce, who hosts the popular "Damon Bruce Show" on 95.7 The Game in the Bay Area, says 49ers fans actually liked the young, brash York after he took control of the family business and hired Jim Harbaugh to replace Mike Singletary.

"All of a sudden, the years of NFC cellar-dwelling were replaced with whiffs of glory, reminding people of the once great 49ers dynasty," Bruce wrote in an email. "But then came the move to Santa Clara, and then there was the 'mutual parting' of Jim Harbaugh. And then, the cat was out of the bag."

While the move out of old, windy Candlestick Park into shiny new Levi's Stadium was a boon for York's wallet, it has left 49ers fans feeling burned. Literally.

"Although Mr. York built a big event stadium that comes with all the bells and corporate whistles, he didn't build a football stadium to give the 49ers a home field advantage," Bruce wrote. "It's VIP clubs belong on the Vegas strip, not in a football stadium. It's been a cash cow with people and companies plunking down huge dollars for seat licenses and tickets, but you wouldn't know it from the empty seats that have come to define home games. There isn't a drop of shade to save fans from the sun, and there have been too many drops in the passing game to keep people happily burning in their seats."

Replacing Harbaugh with Jim Tomsula, who was completely out of his depth in his one losing season, was also unforgiveable.

"That was when Jed assumed his place as the most reviled owner on the Bay Area sports scene," Bruce wrote. "Harbaugh won, and he was nuts, and passionate, and apparently too much for Jed to handle. Since leaving for Ann Arbor, Harbaugh leaves behind the 'ghost-of-what-might-have-been' for those remaining to chase."

Hate You So Bad

Seattle Seahawks

Most Hated: Bruce Arians

Bruce Arians wants to be like Pete Carroll so bad. That's obvious to Seahawks fans who love to point out that, for all of Arians' tough talk, he still only owns one playoff win as he enters his fourth season in Arizona.

"The new sheriff in town has performed like a Cub Scout when it matters," said Dave "Softy" Mahler, who hosts his popular afternoon drive-time show on Sports Radio 950 KJR in Seattle. "He's won one playoff game in his career, yet he acts like he's God's gift to coaches. As of right now, what will Bruce Arians be remembered by? His one playoff win against Green Bay last year, because outside of that, this cocky clown has done nothing. Before you start running your mouth, sheriff, you might want to run off a few wins when it matters in the postseason."

Mahler said that instead of talking, Arians "should spend more time in church on his hands and knees praying that his senior citizen quarterback can stay healthy."

He also can't help but point out that Arians looks a little like Bennett Brauer, the regular Chris Farley "Saturday Night Live" character who used to appear on "Weekend Update" to rant about not "being the norm" or not being able to "reach all the parts of my body."

"As of right now, Brauer, I mean Arians, is just a guy who doesn't know what it's like to play for a conference championship and win it and go to a Super Bowl and doesn't know what it's like to hold his own Vince Lombardi Trophy," Mahler said. "But he does know what it's like to desperately want what Pete Carroll has."

Hate You So Bad

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Most Hated: Cam Newton

How much do Bucs fans dislike Cam Newton? Well, there's this:

"Without a doubt, Bucs fan was actually cheering against the Panthers in the Super Bowl simply because of Cam Newton and his attitude," said Ronnie Lane of the popular "Ronnie and TKras" morning show on 620 WDAE in Tampa. "You saw what happened, he got beat, he pouted like a little baby. They don't like it."

Bucs fans also don't like that Newton and the Panthers own a six-game winning streak against Tampa Bay. Or that the No.1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft blasted Tampa twice -- 38-19 and 48-16 -- in what was an otherwise humbling rookie season with the Panthers finishing 6-10.

"Cam Newton with all of his flash and swagger has been a big part of that six-game losing streak to the Carolina Panthers, so Bucs fans love to hate Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers," Lane said.

Hate You So Bad

Tennessee Titans

Most Hated: J.J. Watt

It's not just that J.J. Watt has racked up more sacks against the Titans (15.5) than any other team he's faced in his five NFL seasons. Or that he got into an ongoing selfie spat with prolific facial hair grower Zach Mettenberger.

Jared Stillman, who hosts "Jared and the GM" on ESPN's 102.5 The Game in Nashville, says there's even more to Titans' fans hatred for the three-time winner of Defensive Player of the Year.

"He also talks like a wide receiver or a running back and loves to dominate that awful Titans offensive line," Stillman said. "But what makes matters worse is that he plays on the Texans, who for the first decade of existence served as the little brother to the former Houston Oilers. And if that wasn't bad enough, now he's hosting the Country Music Television Awards in our town!"

Yeah, that's cold. Not cool, J.J.

Adds Stillman: "J.J. Watt may never win a Super Bowl, but he certainly is Public Enemy No. 1 in Nashville."

Hate You So Bad

Washington Redskins

Most Hated: Dan Snyder

As it if could be anyone else. What, you were expecting Eli Manning? Dez Bryant? Carson Wentz? Yeah, right.

"For almost 20 years, if you ask any fan why the team hasn't been successful, it's because of Dan," laments Eric Bickel, one of the hosts on "The Sports Junkies" on CBS Sports Radio's 106.7 The Fan in Washington.

Just in case you needed to be reminded why fans and the DC media so loathe the Redskins owner so much, here's Bickel with a refresher course.

"He spends money flippantly in free agency, he sues his own fans, he extorts fans on parking fees and stadium prices, he attacks the local media, he's infatuated with celebrity, he runs through coaches like toilet paper, and he's generally been way too involved in the day-to-day operations of the team for a guy who's basically a glorified 'Dungeons & Dragons' nerd."

Yep, that just about covers it -- except for the controversy over the 'Redskins' name, which Snyder has vowed to never change, despite calls from Native American groups and members of Congress.

Hate You So Bad

Nate Peterson grew up in Colorado and misses Al Davis all the time. Catch him on Twitter @n8peterson