Brian Hoyer's run with the Texans was punctuated by a disastrous playoff performance against the Chiefs, going 15 of 34 with four interceptions and no touchdowns. A very bad game that obfuscated an otherwise impressive year that, you know, resulted in the playoffs.

With Houston signing Brock Osweiler to a $72 million contract this offseason, there was never a chance of Hoyer sticking around, and on Tuesday, the team officially released him.

Hoyer hits a market that's in an interesting place with respect to the quarterback situations.

Two playoff contenders -- the Jets and defending champion Broncos -- are far from set at the position, with Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez currently slotted as the respective starters. Just about every team is still looking for a quality, workman-like backup (Hoyer is a perfect fit).

So he could see some legitimate action from three possible teams:

Cowboys: The rumors about Dallas' interest "at the right price" are already out there. It's logical given the Cowboys' issues last year with the backup position. When Tony Romo went down, Jerry Jones praised Brandon Weeden right up until Weeden was forced under center. Then they scrambled for Matt Cassel and essentially spent the year struggling to compete because they weren't set at the position. Dallas would be wise to land Hoyer as an above-average backup if he can't get starting money/interest in two other spots.

Broncos: Right now they're starting Mark Sanchez. Say it out loud, man! Trevor Siemian is also not the answer. Denver is playing this amazing game of chicken with the market and John Elway has the leeway to pull it off with two Super Bowl appearances in the last four years and a Super Bowl 50 win despite not having a viable starting quarterback. He believes his defense and run game can win a title without a high-profile quarterback -- or, really, without overpaying for a questionable starter -- and he's kind of right. Hoyer would make sense in this offense if all else fails.

Jets: Hoyer doesn't feel like a dynamic fit for Chan Gailey's offense. But if Ryan Fitzpatrick is totally unwilling to work out a deal with the Jets (or if the Jets are totally unwilling to work out a deal with Fitz) maybe there's a solution here. Hoyer could be a nice, quiet backup for Geno should the Jets choose to stand pat and not address the position in the draft. No one's going to be freaking out and demanding to see him under center if Smith struggles out of the gate. But more than anything he feels like leverage against Fitzpatrick's camp in contract talks.

Whatever the case, Hoyer has options. He's not going to save anyone's franchise but he might very well be a valuable addition. 

Could Brian Hoyer be the next Brandon Weeden in Dallas? (USATSI)
Brian Hoyer was released by Houston. (USATSI)