The Steelers running game has been one of the worst in football this season, but the return of Rashard Mendenhall could give it a huge boost. (US Presswire)

Of course, Mike Tomlin isn't happy with the special teams he helps coach, primarily because they haven't contributed positively during a 1-2 start. He isn't content with a defense that hasn't played with its full complement of expected starters in almost a calendar year. And outside linebacker James Harrison and safety Troy Polamalu -- from the way Tomlin talked Tuesday -- are at long last expected to return Sunday against Philadelphia. And, no, he's admittedly "not satisfied" with the no-huddle offense.

His biggest disappointment, and unclaimed opportunity, remains that Steelers staple: the running game.

Look at them now. The Steelers rank dead last in the NFL, a paltry 2.6 yards per rush. In yards per game, they rank second to last with 65, inches ahead of the Raiders, who beat them most recently (34-31 before the bye week). Used to be, 65 yards was a Steelers half.

No wonder Tomlin talked Tuesday as if Rashard Mendenhall will make his 2012 debut Sunday, 10 months after a New Year's Day ACL tear.

"We need to be better," Tomlin said Tuesday of that running game. "And we will be."

Mendenhall, whom the coach called their "lead dog," could work well in a retooled blocking scheme under offensive coordinator Todd Haley. But a post-surgery Mendenhall had no preseason, so he'll be adjusting as he goes.

Will he return Sunday against the Eagles? Tomlin said something about tuning in at 4:30 p.m. Sunday to find out, which would be after the game.

"Obviously, if he's capable, he'll help us," Tomlin said.

Same for Harrison, who, like Mendenhall, started training camp on the physically unable to perform list (among six Steelers total). Tomlin is optimistic that Harrison (knee) and Polamalu (calf) will both return to the field Sunday. Polamalu has played the one game between them so far, the loss at Denver.

Sunday could mark the first game since last season when all anticipated starters are on the field at once.

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