NFL: Denver Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton Introductory Press Conference

As great as the day was for the Miami Dolphins, it was just as bad for the Denver Broncos. The Dolphins scored the most points in a game in 57 years, beating the Broncos 70 (yes 70) to 20.

For the losing side, the frustration was palpable in the locker room and at the podium. There is no surprise that the Broncos were not happy after the defeat.

Head coach Sean Payton did not have many answers following the blowout, except to note how embarrassing it all was.

"Obviously that was embarrassing ... I'm at a loss for words," Payton said. "Every once in a while in the NFL you get your butt kicked, but this was different."

When a reporter told Payton how historic the loss was, the head coach, clearly annoyed, said, "I'm aware," wondering what question the reporter was trying to ask.

You could feel the tension coming from the head coach as he repeated, "What's the question."

The Dolphins had 726 yards, the second-most and their 70 points were the third-most in league history. The points and total yards total were the most ever given up by Denver in franchise history.

"It'd be one thing to say we're going to get on to the next game," Payton said (via ESPN). "We have to watch that tape. [Monday] will be tough for a lot of players, tough for us as coaches."

Other players chimed in to comment on just how embarrassed they felt to be on the losing end of such a lopsided game.

"That's the most embarrassing game I've ever been a part of," Broncos inside linebacker Alex Singleton said (via Thee Denver Post) "It's the most embarrassing game I've ever watched. We've got to figure it out. Thank god it's only one. But we can't make it more."

Broncos safety Kareem Jackson said, "It definitely feels bigger than one game. Any time you lose the way we lost [Sunday], shit is embarrassing. Absolutely embarrassing. Like I said, we didn't do anything we put in place."

And longtime Broncos OT Garett Boles didn't mince words when asked how he felt.