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Russell Wilson has developed a reputation of giving back to the Seattle Seahawks. This time, he's paying it forward to one of his teammates, helping David Moore reach a milestone late in Sunday's win over the San Francisco 49ers that give the wide receiver a significant bonus in his contract.

The Seahawks signed Moore to a one-year, $825,000 contract that included a $100,000 bonus if Moore reached 35 catches on the season. Wilson made sure Moore was able to reach the 35-catch mark in the final minute of the game, despite the wideout being held without a reception through the first 59 minutes. 

With 22 seconds left and Seattle in victory formation, Wilson changed the play at the line of scrimmage as Moore went in motion and completed a short five-yard pass to reach the 35-catch threshold. While the play confused the Fox broadcast crew calling the game, it was set up by Wilson -- who told Seahawks quarterbacks coach Austin Davis Moore was one catch away from reaching 35 on the season. Davis set up a play to get Moore the reception before the clock hit zero. 

"It's a blessing to be able to help family, his daughter and all that stuff. So we wanted to get him that catch, and we were able to dial that up for him that last play," Wilson said, via Seahawks team reporter John Boyle. "Austin (Davis) actually said, 'Hey let's get it done, let's do it right here.' So we ended up calling it. I said, 'David, you're going to get the ball here, here we go,' and I kind of winked at him. So that was pretty cool."

Wilson knew Moore was one catch away throughout the game, but the Seahawks went through a spell on offense that resulted in 10 plays for -17 yards on four possessions before scoring a touchdown on three straight drives in the victory. Obviously Moore wasn't featured at all on those drives, which is why Wilson wanted to set him up in the final seconds. 

Moore finished the regular season with 35 catches for 417 yards and six touchdowns. 

"It's pretty cool, it's a blessing," Wilson said. "And he's worked so hard this year so he definitely earned it."