Washington to a win on Sunday. (US Presswire)

While we already gave Robert Griffin III an “A-“ for his performance in leading the Redskins to a victory on the road against Tampa Bay, what we didn’t know at the time was Griffin basically was calling the game without any help.

That’s because, per the Washington Post, Griffin’s communications with his coaches malfunctioned on the final drive, the drive in which he completed 4 of 4 passes for 46 yards to set up Billy Cundiff’s game-winning field goal.

Week 4 Recap

“Every week, we always practice me calling the plays [as if] the headset has gone out,” Griffin told reporters. “The funny thing is, the headset did go out on that drive. ... So it was neat how that practice scenario played out in the game.”

Teammates later said his first pass on that drive, a 15-yard strike to Santana Moss, was the most important one of the series. After that, with one exception for a quick run to the sideline to get the play call, Griffin was on his own, calling plays in the no-huddle offense.

And he performed expertly.

Moss wondered after the game why the helmet headset failed at that exact time.

“The only thing that might be surprising to you all is that he’s young and it happened to him,” Moss told the Post. “I mean, I’ve been in plenty of games that, when we’re away, we can’t hear the call, especially on the last part of the game. So I’m almost thinking that that’s something that they do in stadiums to say, ‘Hey, you know, let’s make it little harder for them.’ ”

Conspiracy theories aside, Moss was impressed with Griffin’s ability to overcome such a rocky road.

“You put him in a game-time situation, that critical, game on the line, it makes it a little more, ‘Wow,’ ” Moss said. “But other than that, as a player you know that that’s what he’s there for. ... I’m glad we have a guy that, even though we’re dealing with his youth of him not being here, he doesn’t play like his age or his coming into the league this young. He doesn’t approach the game that way. He approaches the game like he’s been here before.”

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