Got a football team in your city? Then Plax loves your city. (US Presswire)

Plaxico Burress created some noise when he appeared on a Charlotte radio station and said playing for the Panthers would be "a great situation all the way around." But the Panthers aren't interested in Plax.

That should be obvious news to everyone with a brain, but there's been actual discussion whether or not Plax would fit with the Panthers. Thankfully, the Charlotte Observer's Joe Person reports that, via an unnamed team official, the Panthers are "not interested" in signing Burress.

I went on the David Glenn Show in Raleigh on Wednesday and was asked about this and I'll stick by my guns here: no chance in hell the Panthers bring in Plaxico.

The world wants to believe that Carolina is desperate to upgrade at wide receiver, and while the Panthers probably wouldn't mind improving on that front, they're very much fond of Brandon LaFell and David Gettis as potential breakout candidates this year.

Plax, despite catching eight touchdowns, isn't an upgrade over either one. Additionally, it's widely believed that he's the guy who got in Santonio Holmes' ear and caused a lot of the locker-room problems in New York last year.

Of course, none of this takes into consideration the fact that for more than two years, every time Plaxico talks to a media member, he's basically mad-libbing a line about how he'd love to play somewhere.

"Oh man, [City] is awesome because [Dude I Know] [Lives/Plays/Hangs Out] here. Really, I can't think of a better fit for me than [Team Who Plays in City]."

He's done it with the Giants, Jets, Steelers, Eagles previously, and now he's done it with the Panthers. It should be no surprise if/when Plax comes to your town and says he'd love to play for your football team.

It would be a much bigger surprise if your team is interested in signing him.

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