Gaffney's been dumped by the Redskins. (Getty Images)

When we last heard from wide receiver Jabar Gaffney, it was because he went on an awkward Twitter rant about various things. The reasons we're hearing from him today is even more awkward: the Redskins have decided to cut him.

Multiple reports from multiple papers and websites confirm this news, but Josina Anderson of ESPN spoke to Gaffney himself, who confirmed that he'd been dumped for making too much money.

"I just heard. I just talked to Mike Shanahan. He said I was going to be making too much, and that they wanted to see what the other players can do," Gaffney said. "He said there is a chance I can come back, but he said it would be for around the minimum because I wouldn't be the starter anymore. I am not interested in going from being their leading receiver to being third-string, and having my number taken from me. That is pretty much telling me that I am not going to be making the team. Now Drew [Rosenhaus] can start talking to other teams to find me a new home."

Shocking, I know, that Gaffney sounds a little angry at the idea of being a No. 3 wide receiver. The reality is the Skins went out and signed Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan this past offseason, and they also have potential-laden, second-year wideout Leonard Hankerson returning from injury.

Regardless of whether or not you think that the Garcon and Morgan signings were smart (I like Morgan but not Garcon, personally), they're investments. And when you invest heavily in something, you're going to do what is necessary to make that investment grow, if possible.

Or maybe Mike Shanahan simply thinks that fourth-round pick Kirk Cousins can fill whatever void Jabar Gaffney leaves. At least that would explain the pick anyway.