Redskins coach Mike Shanahan knew he was in a good position, holding the second pick in the draft. Either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III would fall to them and he was happy to take either one.

In truth, there seemed to be more of a pining for Griffin, but that also could have stemmed from an obvious fact: The Colts were set on taking Luck. Regardless, Shanahan felt good no matter what happened.

“We loved both guys,” he said.

And both the Redskins and Colts appear happy with how the draft unfolded -- and with how their quarterbacks have played this summer. But he and both quarterbacks involved know their will be endless comparisons about their development -- now and for the rest of their careers.

It starts Saturday afternoon when Luck and Griffin play one another. Both made it clear that they’ll face the opposing defense, so technically they’re not playing the other guy. That’s semantics for a game in which T-shirts are being sold that read: RG3 vs. Luck. How often does that happen in a preseason game?

Luck appears to have had the stronger start, completing 26 of 41 passes for 363 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. Griffin is 9 for 14 for 119 yards, one touchdown and two fumbles. But Griffin also faces a different adjustment, having played in a completely different system at Baylor. Luck was in a pro-style offense at Stanford and is more adept throwing from the pocket at this point.

“I definitely look forward to playing the guy throughout my career. I think it will be exciting matchups every time we face each other,” Griffin said earlier this week.

Both players are being hailed as saviors for a franchise. Griffin is being treated differently than any other draft pick in Washington, talking to the media once a week and granting no one-on-one interviews with local or national media. The demand, naturally, has been high for him and Shanahan wants to limit his distractions. Luck, though in a smaller market, has done some one-on-ones.

What their teammates want to see is how they perform. And, yes, they’re looking forward to their meeting. It breaks up the monotony of preseason.

"I am because Luck is the real deal," Redskins nose tackle Barry Cofield told the Washington Examiner. "Everything I see on tape tells me he'll be a good player. You can tell. And RGIII, I get to see him every day. I'm excited to see both guys and their career arc. But as far as Saturday, I know they're not going to arm wrestle in the middle of the field."

John Keim covers the Redskins for the Washington Examiner. Follow him on Twitter @CBSSportsNFLWAS  and@John_Keim.