Nose tackle Terrence Cody, or "Mount Cody" as he was affectionately called at the University of Alabama, isn't quite the massive mountain he once was. 

Once weighing close to 400 pounds before transferring to Alabama, he's slimmed down to 341 pounds while building muscle. One Ravens staffer said Cody was one of the top three players present at the team's facility this offseason. Cody's looking to improve in his second season as a starter (third in the NFL), after a successful campaign that saw him tally 34 tackles. 

Question: Right now as you enter camp, what's the biggest difference in your game from a year ago?

Terrence Cody: I think I'm in better shape. I'm just getting used to (new defensive coordinator Dean Pees') system, knowing how it's going to be. And just being able to play fast and play hard.

Q: What have you seen out of (rookie linebacker) Courtney Upshaw, an Alabama alum like yourself?

TC: So far, he's looking good. He's bullying people around out there on the pass rush. I've seen him make great moves out there. Watching the coaches watch him, I can tell they're very excited with what he's going to do. 

Q: Earlier this offseason, you mentioned one of things you wanted to improve on was your conditioning and staying on the field longer. How do you feel right now in that aspect?

TC: I feel like I'm there -- I can always get better as camp goes. I'll take it one day at a time just to get myself more in football shape. In the offseason, we do a lot of running but you really don't get into shape until you put on the pads and really get out there and start doing football things. 

Q: Going back to last January, is that AFC title game (a 23-20 loss at New England) still on your mind?

TC: It's been on my mind since the day we lost. I've been thinking about it and I'm just waiting to get back to the same game and just change the outcome. I want to change the outcome of that game because we all thought we would come out in overtime and beat those guys. But things happen.

Q: Some of the guys said that with Terrell Suggs out for a while, you've become the jokester of the group. What's your response to that?

TC: Me and (defensive tackle) Bryan Hall, we're the two jokesters on the team. We like to keep everybody loose in the locker room. During camp, that's a time where everybody's down, they're tired. They don't know if they're going to be around. We come in the morning, make everyone laugh so everybody loosens up and has a good day. Then you can go outside and be comfortable, and do what you're supposed to do.

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