It's not too often that you see Patriots QB Tom Brady have a bad day throwing the football, but Thursday was one of those days. Brady walked off the practice field in a foul mood.

“He was pretty fired up," WR Wes Welker said. "He's his own biggest critic. As much as coach even stays on him and everyone else, he's his own worst enemy sometimes. It's great to see. He cares. He wants to do great, and he is great."

With top receivers Brandon Lloyd, Deion Branch and Jabar Gaffney all on the sidelines, Brady was left with a thin group to throw to. It didn't help that the winds were strong.

Brady's final frustration came in his two-minute drive when S Steve Gregory jumped in front of WR Julian Edelman for an interception.

"It's good to see he's human sometimes," Welker said. "Everybody has bad plays out there. It's how you bounce back from them, how you go out there and compete and keep fighting and how you get after it out there. He's always understanding that and knowing if he makes a bad play he's going to come back 10 times better the next time. It really rubs off on all the other guys out there."

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