There hasn't been a team in the Super Bowl era that's been able to three-peat. The Kansas City Chiefs are the latest to attempt the feat, as they were the first team to win the Super Bowl in consecutive seasons since the 2003-2004 New England Patriots.

The NFL hasn't seen a team win three consecutive championships since the 1965-1967 Green Bay Packers, two of those titles came prior to the Super Bowl era. The Packers are actually the only team to three peat in NFL history, also accomplishing the feat from 1929 to 1931. 

Mahomes and the Chiefs have talked about the three-peat themselves this offseason, yet the Super Bowl MVP quarterback has a formula for making that goal a reality. 

"Now that we're kind of back and starting back from the beginning, that's how you have to start, you have to start from the beginning, you have to go back to your fundamentals," Mahomes said on the start of Phase 1 of OTAs Monday, via a Chiefs transcript. "That's how it is, you have to go back to the beginning, go back to your elementary school and learn from the beginning and I think that's something that has kind of gotten us to where we're at is that you can't be satisfied at where we're at, you have to learn and pick up one little different thing that you didn't know the year before."

Going back to the basics has worked out well for Mahomes, who has continued to thrive despite the lack of a No. 1 wideout on the roster. Mahomes won the league MVP in 2022 and threw for a league-leading 5,250 yards and 41 touchdowns. Last season, Mahomes only threw for 4,183 yards and 27 touchdowns, but threw for 1,051 yards with six touchdowns to just one interception in the postseason -- en route to the Chiefs' second consecutive Super Bowl title. 

Even though Mahomes has had success on the field, it's this time of year he needs to stay on top of the league. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said Phase 1 of offseason workouts benefits the offense, and Mahomes has backed that up with his attention to detail. 

"I'll be going over fronts and stuff today, stuff that might get a little tedious and stuff that I need to know," Mahomes said. "The coaches will get a laugh out of it because they know that it kind of irritates me sometimes. 

"That's something that I will continue to work on throughout this offseason and prepare myself and then once we get to the season, we'll try to make that run at it but it's going to take a day-in, day-out type of mentality."