This hasn't exactly been the New York Giants season, no one is debating that, and a run from quarterback Daniel Jones against the Philadelphia Eagles is the perfect metaphor for the year. Jones tripped and fell, or perhaps just had his leg slightly give out, ruining what looked like a clear path to the end zone and ending an 80-yard run.

For anyone not tuning in, here's the sad yet hilarious play:

It's still an 80-yard run, but Giants fans are no doubt cringing at the unfortunate play. NFL fanbases are already poking fun at the Giants and Eagles division and had lots of jokes for the Jones run.

Even NFL players were chiming in.

Here is a look at some of the best athlete reactions to the now viral play:

Patrick Mahomes, something tells me you would've made it into the end zone.

Daniel Jones with his debut acting role in the upcoming film, "Scary Season: The 2020 Giants Story."

Pretty solid advice.

You got it Reggie.

The Giants season is scary stuff.

My thoughts exactly.


"Doomed" feels accurate.

Former Jets running back Bilal Powell is right, it's already a meme.

Fans on Twitter were quick to react:

For Halloween this year Jones is going as a running back.

The year is going about as smooth as that run.

"... Back at it again with the disappointing play."

Remember Giants fans, things could always be worse.

Thankfully for New York and their fans, the play still led to in a touchdown.

The Eagles hosted Jones and co. for Week 7's installment of Thursday Night Football for an NFC Least, I mean East, matchup and the game was about as messy as the division.

Right now, no team out of the four has a winning record and many are predicting even the eventual winner of the NFC East wont hit .500.

While a matchup between a 1-5 and 1-4-1 team would normally not be that important, this game could have serious playoff implications, as one of these two teams could be hosting a postseason game.

The Eagles came back and went up 22-21, where the score would stay, as the Giants embarrassment from the game ended up being a lot more than their QB tripping. 

With the loss, the Giants fell, pun intended, to 1-6. The Eagles are now sitting in first place in the division at a whopping 2-4-1.