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The Washington Commanders had one of the more interesting pre-draft visits for the top prospects. Washington hosted more than 20 prospects on visits last week, part of the process was taking all those players to "TopGolf." 

Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, and J.J. McCarthy -- three players expected to go in the top-10 -- were part of that group that swung the golf club. Maybe liked the unconventional approach the Commanders took. 

"It was one of the cooler visits I've been on," Maye said, via Omaha Productions. "We went to a steak dinner spot and you're surrounded with the head coach, general manager, and quarterback coaches. They put us all together to see how we interacted and I got the chance to swing the golf club a little bit. 

"I enjoyed it. I got to meet a lot of different guys throughout the process. I think it was a really cool experience for me. We all got our separate time to meet with the coaches we needed to, so it's not like we didn't get to do any of that. We just got to have some fun the evening before.

"They changed it up. I thought it was pretty sweet."

NFL agent Ron Butler, who represents Daniels, hinted he wasn't a fan of the approach by liking a post on "X." Commanders general manager Adam Peters took the approach from his days with the San Francisco 49ers, making sure the players on the visit had a different experience from the norm this time of year. 

"It was very beneficial to see everybody in a more relaxed environment," Peters said, via the Washington Post. "They all got a lot of time individually with their coaches, with us, where they were staggered coming in, too, so it wasn't like they were sitting in a room together. They all had their own individual time with everybody. So it worked out really well."

The meeting was different, and it will be trendy in the NFL if the Commanders find their franchise quarterback at No. 2.