It's not often that players on an NFL team get to beat up on one of their owners, but the Green Bay Packers get to do that on Sunday night -- Because one of their owners plays for the other team. 

The Packers are owned by the general public and Seahawks starting center Drew Nowak just happens to own a few shares, making Nowak a partial owner of the Packers.  

"I have three shares in frames," Nowak told the Tacoma News Tribune earlier this week. 

The Packers have sold stock in the team three times since 1997, and Nowak's family has bought a share each time. 

The life-long cheesehead is such a Packers fan that he accidentally dropped a "we" during an interview this week. 

"When we won the Super Bowl -- sorry, I said 'we' -- when they won the Super Bowl that '96-'97 season, I still have a duffle bag from that Super Bowl," Nowak said. "I still have hats. I have a picture actually in my room at home, a collage of all the guys from that team."

The Wisconsin native expects to have over 100 friends and family in attendance at Lambeau, and no, they won't be cheering for the Seahawks. 

"I can't hate them for that," Nowak said. "It's hard to love a team your whole life and then want to switch, especially with the rivalry we have with the Packers. So I won't have a whole lot of Drew support come Sunday."

The fact that Nowak will be starting on Sunday night is almost as interesting a story as him owning Packers stock. When Nowak was coming out of college, he was actually a defensive lineman, but the Jaguars moved him to the offensive line.

Nowak was cut after spending two seasons with Jacksonville and then ended up on the Seahawks' practice squad in 2014.

The lineman went into camp as the Seahawks No. 3 center before winning the job during the team's preseason. The start against Green Bay will be the second of Nowak's career. 

Seahawks center Drew Nowak will be playing against the team he partially owns on Sunday. (USATSI)
Seahawks center Drew Nowak will be playing against the team he partially owns on Sunday. (USATSI)