When the Chicago Bears play the Washington Redskins on Saturday, left tackle J'Marcus Webb will not be the lone starting offensive lineman playing later in the game -- although he probably could use the work.

The entire offensive line will be out there for more than the quarter of work most got in the 31-3 preseason opening loss to Denver.

"Traditionally, I’ve either played the O-line in the second game to the half or into the third quarter," offensive coordinator Mike Tice said. "If you think about it, there’s only two positions that play every snap in the (regular-season) opener and that’s the O-line and the quarterback. So it’s very important that we get those linemen some game conditioning.”

Webb will continue getting challenged by Chris Williams at left tackle. Tice, speaking Monday with media for the first time since Thursday's loss, said he did not intend to punish Webb for his sloppy play by making him stay on the field until the fourth quarter with reserves.

"I know some people have said I’m sending a message to J’Marcus," Tice said. "You have to understand how I work: There’s no message being sent to J’Marcus.

"Anything that goes on with the players, they know up front in a meeting. So they’re told how much they’re going to play, they’re told why there’s competition at certain positions, they’re told each day where we need to see them improve and in what areas. There’s no secrets, I don’t operate like that. So messages, subliminal messages, there’s none of that going on."

Webb is very active on social media with his "J-Webb Nation" and often has been said to lack focus on the real task at hand. If this is the case, Tice said he had better get focused.

"I can't worry about Webb Nation and all of the other things that he does socially," Tice said. "That's not for me. He's a grown man. I just want him to play better football for us."

Williams got moved back to left tackle from right tackle to compete after right tackle Gabe Carimi's knee felt better.

Tice said Carimi had a solid first game and this past week in practice has looked like he did last season before his injuries. Right guard Lance Louis also earned commendation; Tice said he looked better than anyone on the O-line against Denver.

However, veteran left guard Chris Spencer, who Tice called their second-best lineman last year, came in for rare criticism.

"It was certainly not a tape to watch, and Chris knows this," Tice said. "We spoke about that, it’s not a tape you want on your resume."

After playing center before last year, Spencer has moved from right guard to left guard this season, so the spot is new to him. He played a longer stint  in the game -- but not as long as Webb.

As for the offense in general, Tice admitted it needs work. The team breaks camp before the Redskins game and resumes lighter, less physical workouts at Halas Hall before the third preseason game.

"I wish we had another week, but we don’t," Tice said. "So we’ll just keep working.
"The game this week is important."

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