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The Dallas Cowboys are the most unique team in professional sports. Despite a 28-year championship drought, Jerry Jones' club remains the league's most talked-about team. And while some of that attention is positive, some of the negativity that often surrounds America's Team isn't sitting well with star linebacker Micah Parsons

In his most recent podcast episode, Parsons criticized the media for having a double standard when it comes to covering his team and some of the league's other top-tier teams. Specifically, Parsons takes exception to the 49ers and Eagles not getting the same level of criticism following their recent losses to the Browns and Jets, respectively, compared to the criticism the Cowboys received after getting blown out by San Francisco the previous week. 

"I just don't condone the bashing of Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys, and (not) have the same energy for the Eagles," Parsons said, via NFL Media. "The Eagles were healthy. They had Jalen Hurts. They had their receiving corps. They had their explosive weapons. They didn't have Lane Johnson. I will admit they didn't have Lane Johnson. But does that make that much of a difference? Because I see my quarterback, you know, maybe not have the red-zone success, but move the ball way better than the Eagles did Sunday night.

"We want the same energy for everybody. Because there's a whole bunch of bashing when it's Dak Prescott, but not the same when it's the Eagles."

Parsons specifically took exception to a media analyst who said that they aren't worried about the 49ers bouncing back due to the fact that they suffered several key injuries during Sunday's loss. Parsons countered by pointing out that the Browns also were without several notable players including quarterback Deshaun Watson, running back Nick Chubb and offensive lineman Jack Conklin

Regarding the Eagles, Parsons doesn't understand why Philadelphia perceivably got a pass for losing to the Jets when he feels the Cowboys didn't get enough credit for their convincing win over New York back in Week 2. 

"If y'all just going to hate Cowboys nation, just say y'all hate Cowboys nation," Parsons said. "But don't sit here and throw shade on us. Keep the same energy for everybody. That's all it is."

While he may not like it, the fact remains that Parsons plays for the most recognizable, popular, and polarizing team in the NFL. Truly, the only way that Parsons and his teammates can avoid further criticism would be by ending the franchise's title drought, which now stands at 10,125 days.