Two Steelers and a retired receiver get in a workout. (Twitter)

To be the best, you've got to beat the best. That's how the saying goes. Steelers running back Josh Harris, though, has amended that saying to fit his workout regimen.

Harris got in a workout with teammate Antonio Brown, one of the best wide receivers in football today; and Randy Moss, one of the best wide receivers in football history.

For a look at something that may or may not have been part of Monday's workout, check out this video of Harris from Sunday.

I'd venture to say that's probably tougher than it looks. No word on whether Brown and Moss took part in that exercise, but apparently, Moss still has some wheels.

Moss is 38 and has been out of the league for three years, so it's pretty impressive that he's in good enough shape to take Brown and Harris in sprints.

More important than Moss' sprint time, though, is those shoes Mr. Brown has on. At least to this fan, who took a (wrong) guess at what they what they were.

Good to know.