Former Falcons wide receiver Roddy White was quite confident that his old club was going to beat the Saints on Sunday. With Drew Brees injured and Taysom Hill getting the nod over Jameis Winston at QB -- a decision that many questioned leading up to kickoff -- White felt that Atlanta was going to "snack" on New Orleans.

That was a bold claim considering the Falcons were 3-6 on the year heading into Sunday...and that's with their starting quarterback in the lineup. Sure, they'd won three of their last four games but, still, putting so much faith in Atlanta beating one of the better NFC clubs? Probably unwise.

That lesson was learned the hard way, as the Falcons now sit 3-7 following a 24-9 loss to the Saints on Sunday. As it turns out, it was New Orleans who did most of the snacking in that matchup.

If White was hoping that everyone might simply forget about his ill-advised tweet, well, Saints coach Sean Payton had other ideas. In a hilarious display of pettiness, Payton celebrated his club's big win on Sunday by heading to Twitter and smashing the retweet button on White's cold take. 

Whether it was all in good fun or not, everyone enjoys a good ol' spite retweet. 

And, for what it's worth, Taysom Hill had a pretty good day. He went 18 for 23 for 233 yards through the air plus 51 rushing yards and two touchdowns on the ground. He may want to hit retweet as well.