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New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is known for a lot of things, including winning, Lombardi Trophies, cutoff sweatshirts and short answers at press conferences. He's also known to throw a challenge flag in a certain style -- sometimes with attitude, disgust or aggression, and sometimes, like on Sunday night, all three at once.

If NFL fans haven't noticed it before, they definitely did during the Patriots' "Sunday Night Football" matchup against the AFC East-rival Miami Dolphins

When down judge Jay Bilbo was squatting down on the sideline adjusting the chains, Belichick angrily spiked a challenge flag near the official's hands. With his hand on his hip, the head coach did not look happy at all, which is evident in the video clip below.

The technique of how he threw the red flag got the attention of many online, who joked about Belichick's disdain for what was happening.

Belichick was challenging the spot after a third-down play toward the end of the third quarter. The original ruling on the field was that New England running back Rhamondre Stevenson was short of the first down by inches, bringing up fourth down. 

Belichick was confident enough that his running back crossed the first-down marker, that he used a challenge in order to get a review.

The review did not work in Belichick's favor, however, and the call stood, likely causing even more frustration for him.

The Patriots were able to convert on fourth down to keep their drive alive, but lost a timeout with the failed challenge. On the next play, quarterback Mac Jones was intercepted by Xavien Howard on a pass intended for DeVante Parker near the Dolphins' end zone. At the time, the Patriots were trailing 17-3. They went on to lose 24-17, falling to 0-2, while the Dolphins advanced to 2-0. 

After the game, Belichick said (via the team's official transcript) it was a "tough loss, but we have to learn from it." 

The longtime Patriots coach, who never gives too much away, added in typical Belichick fashion: "And, you know, just keep working harder and move on. So there's really not too much to say."

The Patriots head to MetLife Stadium next week to face the New York Jets, who lost to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2.