Remember last week when the Jaguars ran a fake punt up 37-0 against the Ravens in London? Well the Jets just gave them a taste of their own medicine. Tied 10-10 with 22 seconds left in the half, the Jets lined up for a punt just shy of midfield on 4th & 21. However, they had no intention of punting. Jets punter Ryan Quigley squared up and completed a pass to "gunner" Marcus Williams, who ran it for a first down.

When you're 1-2 and people think your season is a wash, these kinds of things can happen. Alas, it was for naught. After the 31-yard conversion, Chandler Catanzaro missed a field goal heading into the half. The Jaguars' Twitter went out of its way to downplay how ridiculous the sequence was.

Whereas the Jets decided to pretend that nothing happened after the fake.

Not a great sequence for either team, but at least the Jets found a new strategy: Let fourth down roll around and see what happens with Quigley at quarterback.