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Adventure has a name. And it's back this summer. More than 40 years after first gracing the big screen, Indiana Jones is returning for a fifth and final adventure in "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" (June 30).

In preparation for Harrison Ford's culminating turn as the rugged archaeologist, Paramount Plus is offering a whole treasure trove of Indy material:

  • "Raiders of the Lost Ark," the classic original film, will return to select theaters on June 4 and 7.
  • For the first time ever, all four movies will be available individually on remastered 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray starting June 6.
  • All four original films are also available to stream on Paramount Plus.

Here at CBS Sports, we're also celebrating Indy's return. Since the Indiana Jones legacy dates back decades, we decided to revisit some of the saga's biggest adventures alongside some of the biggest NFL happenings of the time.

1981 (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Joe Montana Getty Images

A hero was born when Dr. Jones raced against the Nazis to find the Ark of the Covenant in the original movie. So, too, was the 49ers dynasty, with Bill Walsh not only guiding San Francisco to its first playoff appearance in almost a decade, but witnessing Joe Montana win the Super Bowl in his first full year as a starter. Dwight Clark's famous last-minute "Catch" from Montana lifted the 49ers over the Cowboys to close the 1981 season, kicking off a decade-long run that would include three more titles. Future Hall of Fame broadcaster John Madden also emerged as CBS' lead color commentator this year, furthering his own legacy.

1984 (Temple of Doom)

Dan Marino Getty Images

Indy traveled overseas in the follow-up film, resuming action in India while trying to retrieve sacred stones from a secret cult. Warren Moon followed suit, coming from across the border to begin a storied NFL career after a six-year run in the CFL. The Colts did their own border crossing, relocating from Baltimore to Indianapolis. The 49ers, meanwhile, retained their NFL supremacy as the first team to ever win 15 games en route to a second Super Bowl victory in four years. And a slew of superstars set all-time records: Dan Marino for passing touchdowns (48), Eric Dickerson for rushing yards (2,105) and Art Monk for catches (106).

1989 (The Last Crusade)

Herschel Walker Getty Images

Indy's third go-round saw him team up with his father in pursuit of the Holy Grail. The NFL also presented a passing of the baton, with Paul Tagliabue taking over as commissioner after almost 30 years with Pete Rozelle in charge. The Vikings, meanwhile, sought fortune and glory in Herschel Walker, infamously sending five players and six future draft picks to the Cowboys for the running back. And the Montana-era 49ers all but rode off into the sunset, enjoying the most lopsided Super Bowl victory in history by routing John Elway's Broncos, 55-10 -- their last championship until Montana's successor, Steve Young, won it all in 1994.

2008 (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

Super Bowl XLIII Getty Images

After an almost 20-year hiatus, Indy returned to the big screen by racing the Soviets in a hunt for a mythical city. The old also became new on the NFL stage, with the Steelers capturing a record sixth Lombardi Trophy, and marking their second multi-championship stretch since a 1970s dynasty. Santonio Holmes' acrobatic end-zone catch sealed the narrow win over the gray-streaked Kurt Warner, who reemerged with the Cardinals at 37. The typically ageless Tom Brady, fresh off an MVP season, wasn't so fortunate, missing all but one game with an ACL tear. The Lions were even worse off, becoming the first team to go 0-16.

2023 (Dial of Destiny)

Patrick Mahomes Getty Images

Indy is set to square off with Nazis yet again in his final appearance, this time to recover a mysterious artifact in the 1960s. As he ventures to leave a final mark on history, Tom Brady has finally hung it up in the NFL, transitioning to team ownership in Vegas -- the site of the next Super Bowl. In his place, Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes is seeking yet another crown, having won his second Super Bowl and MVP in four years. Brady's longtime counterpart, Aaron Rodgers, is also seeking fresh glory as he moves from the Packers to the Jets, while other next-generation stars -- like Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen and Joe Burrow -- seek the promised land.